Talasa Prime III

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 249.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Helix Cluster
System: Kaloran System
Planet: Kaloran
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Autek Mor

Castrmen Orth

Gorgon Terminators x 8 men

Contemptor Talon x 3 Dreads

Tactical Squad x 10 men

Tactical Support Squad x 10 men

Rapier Battery x 2 guns


Predator Strike Armoured Squadron x 3 tanks

Caestus Assault Ram

Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer

Imperial Knight Paladin

Traitors Involved In The Conflict



Command Squad

Red Butcher x 5

Tactical Marines x 20

Breacher Marines x 20

Destroyers x 10





Knight Magaera

Battle Summary

Following the previous engagement, both sides were keen to draw the campaign on Talasa Prime to a swift conclusion. The Iron Hands simply did not have the resources to execute an extended campaign, therefore, it was in their interest to confront the World Eaters in one decisive battle. As for the World Eaters, when Angron released his dogs of war, his orders were clear - "chase down the enemy and return in haste". As a result, when long range scanners detected the Iron Hands forming up for a massed assault, the World Eaters were more than happy to meet them and end this little distraction once and for all. However, this battle would not simply be a marine on marine action. The planet of Talasa Prime was home to the Knight Houses of Navaros and Borgius. Bitter rivalry had existed between these two households, dating back over several millennium. The recent arrival of two feuding Legions, was just the excuse each Knight Warlord required. Sides were chosen and knights were dispatched to assist their respective "brother in arms".

If one of the players won the last battle outright, an additional 250 pts can be spent on bolstering your force. Additionally, players are randomly allocated an Imperial Knight to fight on their side. The primary objective for this battle is to destroy the enemy, players receive 1 Victory Point for each enemy unit completely destroyed. Secondary objectives include Slay the Warlord, First Blood and Linebreaker. Mission special rules include, Night Fighting and Reserves (if you have acquired this ability from Mission 1). The mission uses a variable game length (pp 133 of the main rule book).


This battle was fought on a 12ft by 6ft table. 2010-01-02%2B23.42.13.jpg

The World Eaters won the roll to choose table sides and decided to deploy down the right hand side of the table. They had a strong infantry force in the centre, supported by the Knight Magaera. 2010-01-03%2B00.38.20.jpg

The World Eater Falchion deployed on the high ground on the far left with an excellent line of sight across most of the battlefield. 2010-01-03%2B00.37.46.jpg

Directly opposite the Falchion, the Iron Hands deployed a strong armoured gun line, plus a couple of Rapier Teams. 2010-01-03%2B00.39.29.jpg

The opening moves saw the World Eater infantry beginning their long tab across the battlefield (fortunately, the Mechanicum Temple was providing good cover against the enemy Knight). 2010-01-03%2B00.39.54.jpg

The World Eater Falchion selected the Knight Paladin as it's first target, stripping it of a hull point. In turn, the Knight did the same to the Vindicator to it's front. 2010-01-03%2B01.37.38.jpg

Accurate shooting from the Sicaran and Spartan, took 2 hull points off one of the Iron Hands' Contemptors. 2010-01-03%2B00.38.56.jpg

The World Eaters continue to advance aggressively, with an Iron Hands Dreadnought being completely destroyed and a hull point taken off the Cerberus. 2010-01-03%2B01.12.14.jpg

The Cerberus fires back at the Spartan, however the shot pings off it's AV14 armour. 2010-01-03%2B01.13.59.jpg

The Iron Hands' armoured gun line, pumped round after round into the Falchion on the hill. 2010-01-03%2B01.38.58.jpg

On turn 3, the Iron Hands tenaciousness paid off, as a penetrating hit roll of 7 on the damage chart resulted in the Falchion going booooom!!!! 2010-01-03%2B01.58.01.jpg

The killer shot came from the Predator armoured with the Heavy Conversion Beamer (this is a seriously dangerous weapon against super heavies).

The Knight Magaera begins to enter charge range on the Cerberus, its Ionic Flare Shield protecting its frontal arc. 2010-01-03%2B01.38.00.jpg

The Spartan swings to the left of the temple, supported by the Breachers and Destroyers. 2010-01-03%2B01.37.32.jpg

Shots from the Rapier Battery.... 2010-01-03%2B01.55.16.jpg

....and the Knight Paladin... 2010-01-03%2B01.55.42.jpg

....results in another World Eater burning wreck. 2010-01-03%2B01.55.22.jpg

At this point in the battle, the World Eaters' left flank had almost collapsed.

The Caestus Assault Ram arrived this turn and fired at the Knight Magaera. 2010-01-03%2B02.30.58.jpg

The Knight Magaera was just about to charge, when it was hit by the Magna-melta. 2010-01-03%2B02.30.53.jpg

As the Ionic Flare Shield was positioned to the front, the super heated blast scored a penetrating and it also went boooom!!! 2010-01-03%2B02.30.39.jpg

The Iron Hands armour started to roll up the flank. 2010-01-03%2B03.33.55.jpg

To add insult to injury, the Predator Strike Squadron managed to take out the World Eaters' Spartan. 2010-01-03%2B02.42.27.jpg

The only saving grace was that Kharn and his Red Butchers were able to exit the Spartan without sustaining a wound. Apart from this, the World Eaters were quickly paddling up shit creek without a paddle

The World Eaters' heavy infantry surge round the temple. 2010-01-03%2B03.44.32.jpg

Kharn leads from the front. 2010-01-03%2B03.44.39.jpg

The Iron Hands' Terminators who had spent the first part of the battle concealed behind the hill, now prepared themselves for a charge by the Destroyers. 2010-01-03%2B03.44.46.jpg

Staying true to form, the Iron Hands were once again able to destroy some World Eater armour. 2010-01-03%2B04.08.15.jpg

Another burning wreck.... 2010-01-03%2B04.08.24.jpg

As the World Eater Destroyer Squad charges home, a drop pod containing a close combat Contemptor crashes down in a perfect position. 2010-01-03%2B05.09.52.jpg

Finally, the Iron Hands Terminators play a part in this operation. 2010-01-03%2B04.51.52.jpg

As the close combat on the hill ensues, the Knight Paladin prepares to stomp the Red Butchers. 2010-01-03%2B04.52.40.jpg

Meanwhile, the now infamous Iron Hands armour, lines up in a supporting role. 2010-01-03%2B04.16.31.jpg

The Iron Hands finally crash landed their ram, it's primary weapon accounting for the Knight and Sicaran. 2010-01-03%2B05.09.59.jpg

Combined firepower and the overwhelming close combat ability of the Knight Paladin was enough to destroy the Red Butchers. The metal beast strode across the battlefield like some triumphant gladiator. 2010-01-03%2B03.45.46.jpg

On that final disgraceful note for the World Eaters, the game ended a resounding victory for the Iron Hands.

Final victory point total - Iron Hands 7 points v World Eaters 3 points

Without doubt, the man of the match award goes to the Iron Hands Predator Executioner, this little tank took out the Falchion and Spartan in spectacular style.

Well done David, a cracking victory mate!!!

Moreover, it was a game played in the true spirit of 30k narrative wargaming, with tons of good sportsmanship displayed over the two days.

One small consolation for the World Eaters, Kharn survived yet again, cementing his legendary status as the immortal warrior of the 12th Legion

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Talasa Prime III~1429594051 Raglan wellington1 Loyalist

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Battle Pictures


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