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On 572 962.M41 a small region on the eastern border of Imperial space within the Ultima Segmentum known as the Phonicas System went dark. All astropathic communications and warp travel into the area effectively ceased.

One hundred and forty days later the system exploded back into Imperial contact with such brilliance that thousands of Psykers in the surrounding systems died in an instant. But more importantly where once the Phonicas system represented the edge of the Astranomicons range to the Eastern Fringe it now acted as a beacon, amplifying the light of the EMperor past its former boundaries and into the darkness of the frontier, areas never explored since the days of the Great Crusade. This miraculous event however has been overshadowed by the revelations of what happened during those days of isolation.

Fueled by the growing warp disruption, the Phonicas system had fallen into civil unrest and isolated from the rest of the Imperium, the Imperial forces in the system was divided in its response. Elements of both Astartes and Guard attempted to invade the primary planet and destroy the source of the psychic disturbance, but led by the Astartes of the Angels Radiant, the majority of Guard and PDF forces backed by a limited number of other Marines, seized control of the planetary government and opposed the invasion.

As the conflict escalated, hordes of xenos entered the system via realspace and denizens of the immaterium tore through the curtain to invade reality. But the defending forces held firm and allowed the growing phenomena to run its course, believing it to be a sign from the Emperor. Immediately after the manifestation of the Beacon, or the Phonicas Choir as it has been dubbed, the forces in control of Phonicas Prime declared that this was a sign from the Emperor and His Imperial Truth.

What followed locally was the wholesale slaughter of the Ecclesiarchy and piece meal destruction of the Adeptus Ministorum as an entity. The ripples of such an action system wide and even now into the sub sector has caused a cascading sequence of secession's from the Imperium and the wide spread rise of the Imperial Truth and persecution of the Imperial Cult.

Whilst maybe not the intent of the Angels Radiant to cause such a breakdown in the Imperium of Man, the rebellion and the rise of the ‘Imperium of Truth’ has been taken out of their hands and is now being manipulated by many forces, both human and xenos, loyal and sinister, collectively known as the Iterators, a throwback of antiquity to the Great Crusade.

What follows below are the intercepted transmission of Teahl Feofferson, Inquisitor of the Ordos Hereticus stationed in the Phonicas Sub-Sector. These transmissions were received out of order after being transmitted through the psychic phenomenon, that has been labelled the Phonicas Choir, and has been put back into chronological order based on time stamping embedded in the transmissions. The ultimate fate of Inquisitor Feofferson is still unknown.

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