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+++Opening Broadcast Channel+++

+++Magenta Level Encryption+++

+++Access Level Authenticated+++


+++Transmission Commencing+++

Date Compiled: 6 669 962.M41

Input Clearance: Magenta

Author: Inquisitor Teahl Feofferson

Transmitted via: Ordos Malleus Strike Cruiser Quintus

Intended Recipient(s): Grandmaster Willem de Molay

Grandmaster de Molay,

The situation is dire; in the last few days the assaults on the Orbital Gateway increased dramatically. Imperial forces, whether loyal or not, have lost control of four of the six stations, of the remaining two only one is held by forces loyal to our cause.

Previous projections regarding the degrading orbit of Station 4 were optimistic; the facility is already breaking apart and raining debris on the planets surface. Stations 2 and 6 were looted and sabotaged extensively by Eldar Corsair units, reclamation is considered doubtful. Station 1 has fallen silent and an impenetrable darkness is growing from within.

The Angels Radiant stood firm on Station 5 and repulsed all boarding attempts and are currently using that facility to rapidly ferry orbiting forces to the surface to reinforce the extensive defensive networks already in place.

Station 3 is our doorway. The Dark Angels finally mobilised and launched a last minute strike against the Guard forces stationed there after the Phonicas marines pulled out, thinking the station safe. We are already preparing to make planet fall in an attempt to strike at the heart of the entity.

Whilst its power grows by the day, it has yet to exert influence to assist one faction or another or even attempt to defend itself. More evidence that the, as yet, the entity as a whole does not have a cohesive sentience and is vulnerable to corruption or manipulation. Its considerable warp disruption is, however, making the pinpointing of its source difficult and more than three dozen potential sites have been ear marked as its possible location.

A land strike is going to be difficult and bloody with the bulk of the traitorous Phonicas forces having dug in planet side and have yet to be engaged. With that said, the sheer volume of xenos activity will assist us in trying to secure a beach head.

Your faithful Imperial Servant,

Inquisitor Teahl Feofferson

+++Message Ends+++

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