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'''Input Clearance:''' Magenta
'''Input Clearance:''' Magenta
'''Author:''' Inquisitor Pedro Nithard
'''Author:''' Inquisitor Teahl Feofferson
'''Transmitted via:''' Ordos Malleus Strike Cruiser ''Quintus''
'''Transmitted via:''' Ordos Malleus Strike Cruiser ''Quintus''
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Inquisitor Nithard
Inquisitor Feofferson
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[[Nithard Observations 13|<<]] - [[Nithard Observations]] - [[Nithard Observations 15|>>]]
[[Teahl Observations 13|<<]] - [[Teahl Observations]] - [[Teahl Observations 15|>>]]

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+++Opening Broadcast Channel+++

+++Magenta Level Encryption+++

+++Access Level Authenticated+++


+++Transmission Commencing+++

Date Compiled: 6 675 962.M41

Input Clearance: Magenta

Author: Inquisitor Teahl Feofferson

Transmitted via: Ordos Malleus Strike Cruiser Quintus

Intended Recipient(s): Grandmaster Willem de Molay


Through the lack of response and assistance I have received from the Ordos I must now assume that these communications are either not being received or they are being ignored and the system has been left to its own devise. I can confirm that with our current level of forces loyal to Malleus and Hereticus we do not have the strength to forcefully take this world. Our only options left are to attempt to take advantage of the disruption caused by the Xenos and Chaos insurgents and attempt to position ourselves for a surgical strike. No matter the outcome I am confident that such a strike will be a suicide mission as the retaliatory action taken by the rebels will be swift and brutal.

Their resolve has already been proven in their defence of the ground based space ports and landing zones, no one would have anticipated that they would have been able to retain close to fifty percent of the planets strategic choke points. I attribute this to the Astartes planet side, clearly now being led by the Angels Radiant.

Arrayed against them in equal strength are an assortment of fell Xenos and denizens of the Warp. The Daemon incursions are now frequent and wide spread, backed by elements of the traitor legions themselves. The Corsairs from the Eldar and the ever growing Tyranid splinter have now established significant foot holds on the planet along with a growing greenskin Waaargh.

The manifesting Beacons have now been detected by the other forces as it is clear that as they are now mobilising their growing forces and attempting to secure the cities and hives which are harbouring the phenomena. The Beacons themselves are growing in strength and numbers and my staff have confirmed that they are in fact individuals radiating the concentrated presence of the entity.

Psyker activity on the planet has increased tenfold and the stability of the wall between reality and the immaterium is starting to weaken in areas where these Beacons are strongest. Our tactic at the moment is to attempt to secure entrance to a number of the areas where these entities are located and then to send in teams to execute them. I suspect that the other forces are planning similar tactics, less the execution phase.

This will be the first time that the forces will engage en masse in this conflict; previously the encounters have been large skirmishes, feints, surgical strikes and suchlike. It is now time for brute force and open field battles to secure these cities and habs. I pray to our Emperor that our allies take this opportunity to strengthen their resolve and take to the field in force. I have had reports that after the Templars pitiful and ill fated attempt at initial landings there has been a significant leadership shift within their Crusade. Whether this indicates their imminent withdrawal I cannot say.

Inquisitor Feofferson

+++Message Ends+++

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