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+++Opening Broadcast Channel+++

+++Magenta Level Encryption+++

+++Access Level Authenticated+++


+++Transmission Commencing+++

Date Compiled: 6 685 962.M41

Input Clearance: Magenta

Author: Inquisitor Teahl Feofferson

Transmitted via: Ordos Malleus Strike Cruiser Quintus

Intended Recipient(s): Grandmaster Willem de Molay


Our position here is now that of an observer, watching the end times of an entire system. Whilst the Templars who arrived in the system at the start of this rebellion were not co-operative, they were still like minded and were pursuing similar goals and we could call them allies; one of the few which we could list.

After their failed landing attempt thirteen days ago, they appeared to withdraw and regroup. However it also appears that during that time there has been a significant change in leadership within their ranks, their renewed attack in the past couple of days were devastatingly effective and they have now secured a beach head on the planet at Hive 17, the most strongly contested of the Beacon sites.

With this change of leadership it has been made clear that they are by no means our allies. Their zeal against the Psychic entity is now only matched by their extreme paranoia of all things not in the Black.

It appears that the flux in leadership was not isolated to the Templars either, redeployment of forces, new tactics and a sudden silence from the Governors faction are strong indicators that there may have been a coupe. My suspicions place the Angels Radiant clearly at the top of the list of successors, their continued pivotal placement in recent engagements reinforces this.

Finally, the traitor Astartes forces invading the planet have become a significant unified force in their own right. Although they do not have the array of allies which the rebels have at their disposal, the combination of the continued harassing attacks by the Tyranid, Daemon and Eldar elements are more than making up for it.

Inquisitor Teahl Feofferson

+++Message Ends+++

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