Teahl Observations 17

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+++Opening Broadcast Channel+++

+++Magenta Level Encryption+++

+++Access Level Authenticated+++


+++Data Corruption Evident+++

+++Decoding 3...2...1...+++

+++Transmission Commencing+++

Date Compiled: 6 702 962.M41

Input Clearance: Magenta

Author: [Unknown]

Transmitted via: Primary Cadian Military Beacon

Intended Recipient(s): Grandmaster Willem de Molay


Our attempts at a subtle solution have failed utterly, the she.....



....orces have completely secured all major installations along with the majority of the identified Beacons. Whilst the Templar forces have executed a large number of suspected Beacons within the Tyril mining complex, a Tyranid infestation inadvertently aided the Angels Radiant in extracting an even larger number.

Likewise attempts to secure the Hive Seventeen population were thwarted by a significant Chaos cult uprising, again allowing the traitor Angels to evacuate even more of the targets. Throughout all of this, the warp has become highly unst....



...ime for covert operations is at end. Our only hope now lies in an all out ground assault on the entrenched forces in an attempt to destroy the entity utterly.

Our fears could be well founded as reports are now confirming that it appears that the Tyranid hive fleet is... changing. It appears to be feeding or syphoning power from the growing entity... somehow consuming it. Likewise the forces of Chaos appear to be gaining power, whether through the entity or simply from the fluctuation in the eddies of warp, I cannot say. But of the remaining Pyskers left onboard (and they are few!), all of them are saying the terrors are growing.

The one constant is that the Angels Radiant appear to have the majority of the po.....



...rdinated assault, followed by Orbital bombardment to remo.... .....Templars appear to have renounc... ..perial Truth, however we need more evi......


+--Recovery Failed--+

+++Message Ends+++

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