Teahl Observations 18

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+++Opening Broadcast Channel+++

+++Magenta Level Encryption+++

+++Access Level Authenticated+++


+++Transmission Commencing+++

Date Compiled: 6 715 962.M41

Input Clearance: Magenta

Author: Teahl Feofferson

Transmitted via: Phonicas Amplification Choir

Intended Recipient(s): Grandmaster Willem de Molay

Emperor forgive us.... we were wrong.

We went into this war with the conviction that we were right, that the forces defending Phonicas were traitors, that the forces at play were tainted. I envy the Templars of their unwavering fanaticism against all things psychic, it made their conviction easy. They still believe they were right, even as they depart the system.

They leave, navigating safely to their destination, because they lost this war, because we were beaten and because those forces defending the entity of Phonicas prevailed and allowed it to come to fruition. Oh and what a glorious birth it was.

Whilst the final assault was launched, a last ditch attempt to execute exterminates, it was met with an immediate and resolute counter attack by the co-ordinated force under the control of the self exiled Angels Radiant. As brother killed brother and lives were being extinguished faster than any explosion could, a counter weight finally fell on the scales.

In a single moment of glorious brilliance which lasted an eternity, every mind in the system of Phonicas was filled with the chorus of heavenly voices and their soul was warmed by the silvery light of the Emperor himself. The rapturous experience was so potent for most of the Psykers that they simply embraced the Emperor and gave their life to him with a smile on their face, whilst others simply broke down and cried for hours.

During that instant it was like the entire world was mere metres away from the Astronomican, and whilst the feeling did subside, taking millions of souls with it, it has remained as a persistent echo. Navigators have already reported that the Beacon is once again visible to them, not only that but it is exponentially stronger than before the war and now stretches past the previous boundaries.

The Entity has formed some sort of amplification beacon for the Astronomican here on Phonicas Prime. It has spread the light of the Imperium further east than it has ever before, worlds and systems which were previously removed from the safety of our borders are now enlightened and can be safely navigated to through the Warp.

But as the ecstasy of the birth of choir subsided, it was replaced by the dread of reality; of what we have done. Phonicas is aflame, and like all wild fires, the ravages of war have spread. Already many of the Imperial border worlds and their systems have declared independence and those systems neighboring Phonicas have reported civil unrest and outright attacks by forces which have been drawn to the Phonicas conflict.

And Phonicas itself now lies firmly in the hands of the Angels Radiant and their puppet government. The forces loyal to the Imperium are falling back seeking guidance and orders from the Lords of Terra now that communications are back... thanks to the Phonicas Choir.

Unable to continue fighting against such an obvious manifestation of our glorious Emperor I traveled to the surface of Phonicas during the turmoil of the birth and surrendered myself to the Angels Radiant and now await my future. From my tightly secured guest quarters I have been able to determine very little, but for three certain things.

The Astartes of the Angels Radiant are spreading the Imperial Truth. They have exiled or executed every member of the Ecclesiarchy on the planet and are proceeding to systematically destroy its belief structure like the days of the Great Crusade. It appears that they had been laying the ground work for this since they decided to seize control of the planets government. As to their intentions regarding rejoining the Imperium, I know nothing.

The Phonicas Choir, as it has been named, appears to be maintaining its current level of amplification, for lack of a better term. I do not know whether the Choir is assembled in a central location like the Astronomican of Terra or if they have remained scattered, nor do I know whether this will last a day or a millennia. The Choir has however significantly amplified the Beacons strength and bulged the eastern border of the Imperium.

Lastly, the war is not over. This is now a lull while forces gather themselves, recovering from the shock of the Emperors presence. The Tyranid hive fleet is still somewhere in near space, the forces of Chaos are still hammering at the curtains of the Materium and there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Xenos in the surrounding space taking advantage of the break down in Imperial control.

My part, however, is now done and my war has finished.

Emperor forgive me.

Teahl Feofferson

+++Message Ends+++

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