The Assault on Cambrius

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 388.008.M31
Sub-Sector:Cambrius Sub-Sector
System: Cambrius System
Planet: Cambrius
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict

Traitors Involved In The Conflict

Battle Summary

Scenario overview

+++While monumental conflicts occurred across the planet, both sides were evenly matched with the Traitors managing to secure a small number of additional territories over the Loyalist forces. Without a significant advantage the forces involved in the conflict were unable to capitalize one way or another and the war has entered a lull period as the factions dig in for a protracted siege. Astropaths on both sides sent out psychic signals requesting reinforcement to help break the stalemate. It was the loyalist forces who were able to respond the quickest, within 3 months of the message being received, detachments of Imperial Fists and Raven Guard landed on the planet. The Fists wasted no time in strengthening the planetary defenses, while the Raven Guard sent out recon patrols on and around the planet surface. A further 2 months passed and the loyalist forces began to edge ahead in the war of attrition. Furthermore, additional loyalist forces arrived in the shape of Solar Auxilia and Titan Households to join the offensive. All was going well for loyalist, until 2 long range space patrols went missing without trace. Before the second recon ship was destroyed, it was able to send a transmission. The signal was curt but informative - Son of Horus inbound!!!+++

+++The Son's landed in the southern sector of Cambrius, in an area defended by mainly Solar Auxilia. After brushing aside the Imperial Army in a drop pod landing assault, the traitor Astartes drove hard and fast towards the capital city, knowing that a much a stronger defensive forces would be preparing themselves for the traitor's assault+++

Mission Brief


+++Sons of Horus 15k - Paul and Olly+++

+++Imperial Fists and Raven Guard Allies 15k - Zak and Gareth+++

+++Each side is allocated a Reaver Titan and Warhound Titan+++

+++Each player has 400 points to spend on a Kill Team - targets selected on the day+++

Mission objectives

+++Secure military assets - 6 objectives with a value of 2 points each+++

+++Kill team achieving it's primary mission 2 points+++

Scenario rules and restrictions

+++Loyalist forces set-up first+++

+++Traitor forces get the first turn (no opportunity to steal the initiative)+++

+++Traitor forces get a preliminary bombardment of 4 rounds (large blast, str 10 AP3)+++

+++Kill teams can be placed anywhere on the table at the start of turn 2+++

Aerial Recon

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

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Battle Pictures

Cambrius1.jpg Cambrius2.jpg Cambrius3.jpg Cambrius4.jpg Cambrius5.jpg

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