The Battle For Zereous

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The Battle For Zereous

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The Secrets of Vosculia

Campaign Detail

Date Commenced: 041.010.M31
Date Concluded:
Outcome: Ongoing
Sub-Sector: Cambrius Sub-Sector
System: Eglurn System
Location: Vosculia

Forces involved in the Campaign:

Loyalists Involved In The Conflict



Traitors Involved In The Conflict



Campaign Summary

The Secrets of Vosculia


War ravages across the Eglurn system as the forces of the Traitor Horus seek to expel their Loyal cousins from the system. Those brothers loyal to the Emperor hold on by the barest of margins and the fate of the system hangs in the balance. Seeking anything to give them the edge over their rivals, both sides have dispatched forces to planet Vosculia where it is rumored an item with the potential to turn the tide of the conflict exists. Both sides are drained of resources, with the bulk of their troops committed elsewhere in the system.

Small bands of warriors have descended upon the hive capital of Xereous. Deep within its Labyrinthine bowels they scour for clues as to the item’s whereabouts. Power was cut long ago and the air is fetid with decay. There are no friends in the deep, dark of the once teeming hive. Now, it is every legion for themselves...

Battle Reports

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