The Battle for Lincon Secondus

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 063.008.M31
Sub-Sector:Beneheventian Sub-Sector
System: Lincon System
Planet: Lincon Secondus
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

As the fleets of the Warmasters invasion forces spread like a wildfire throughout the Lincon System. Steaming towards Lincon Secundus was the infamous Gloriana Class Battleship, The Conqueror, who road at the head of a vast flotilla of warships bearing the marking of the World Eater legion. The fleet smashed into the few remaining loyalist ships and defence platforms orbiting the planet. Tearing them apart with lance and plasma fire, leaving behind them a molten cloud of burning debris the World Eater ships assault bays launched wave after wave of heavy Kharbdis Assault Claws, Drop Pods and Dread Claws. The landing crafts burning like comets as they streaked groundward towards Masonia, wreathed in flames of their descent and trailing behind them streamers of torn lightning-plasma, they slammed into the rock harden surface.

This was to be no siege campaign but a brutal front on assault in true World Eater manner, an all-out attack, holding back no reserves and digging no defences to fall back to if repulsed. Angron striding forward from his drop pod, chain axes whirling impatiently, as if in anticipating of the slaughter that was about to commence. The Primarch bellowing a challenge to the Loyalist Iron Warrior defenders broke into a run while Iron Warrior autocannon, krak missiles and bolter rounds was unleashed towards the World Eater drop site. A Phalanx of Red Butchers, raving madmen driven to insanity by the cataclysmic battles of Istvaan III and IV, tore into the loyalist lines, ripping Iron Warriors apart like carcasses on a butcher’s block. As the full force of the World Eaters struck the hastily erect defences of the Iron Warriors a direct and pitiless battle followed, soon the landing zone was obscured by a pall dense smoke and radioactive fallout from the wreckage of tanks, drop pods and Dreadnoughts.

Eventually the savagery and overwhelming force of the World Eaters started to take its toll but even with their defences shattered, the grim Legionaries of the IVth would not retreat, raining their last supply of krak missiles down upon the Red Butchers who overwhelmed their position before they fell back. The bloody price the Iron Warriors had paid in holding the area around the Landing Zone was not in vain, as the time they have bought had enabled the remainder of the loyalist to bolster the defences around Masonia by rapidly constructed Castellum Strongholds and trench lines.

Denied a swift victory the World Eaters was forced to regroup. As Heavy Argo class assault landers, Stormbird carriers and Thunderhak transporters paved the way, deploying hundreds of World Eater tanks onto the rocky desert soil. Following them came the gigantic shapes of the mass conveyors of the Legio Mortis, blotting out the sun, the ground shuddering with the impact as the massive portals fell open and the Titans of the Death’s Head’s, hungry for battle, thundered forth. Behind them from the cavernous recesses of the mass conveyers streamed the beetle-backed hovering carryalls of the Taghmata Nexus-Hal, their Battle-automata and the other arcane war machines of the Warmaster’s Mechanicum hung in complex iron latticework cages beneath them.

As the traitor forces amassed for the assault, Kharn walked in front of the assembled ranks of the World Eaters and spoke: No matter the costs, Masonia will fall to the Warmaster and after that the whole planet! The Iron Warriors have only delayed the inevitable but they will pay that price in blood!

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
The Battle for Lincon Secondus~1453664574 L-IV-2336 L-XII-5545 Loyalist

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Battle Pictures

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