The Defense at Widower's Teeth

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 723.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Hawcinus Sub-Sector
System: Harkarialis System
Planet: Ark'alask Septimus
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

Sarbes Noxus and his Raven Guard remnants of 8th Company valiantly defend Fort Charlie Gamma a.k.a. The Widower's Teeth from an abrupt and brutal Death Guard assault led by Macabran Graves

As the Traitors begin to pour forth from the western forts, many of the beleaguered Loyalist armies are forced into roles in which they are not comfortable. Sarbes Noxus, Praetor of the 8th Company of Raven Guard, Terran-born survivor of Istvaan 5, takes up the defense of the Northern most fortress, Charlie Gamma. The fortress, commonly known as The Widower's Teeth for the massive macro cannons that can be seen for miles, is being occupied by a small localized militia the Praetor takes up a forward fire base set up an ambush for the massive, implacable Death Guard convoy.

"Sir, scouts have reported the enemy numbers almost ten times that of our own Astartes."

"What's new?" replied Noxus, "Everyone, to your posts! This will not be a standard Raven Guard combat mission. If the advancing traitors are allowed through our lines they will slaughter the militia within our fortress. We must hold back their vanguard assault long enough to destroy their heavier siege equipment. I don't like the idea of static defense as much as all of you, but it is our duty!" Noxus grimaced, how many more men would he lose today? Corax, when will you arrive, I haven't heard word in months...

"So do you understand your charge, Centurion?" Praetor Grievus Tabris said scathingly, making sure to emphasize Graves's rank, "or does the apothecary's narthecium cloud your mind? It seems you need more attention every day..."

"As the Primus Medicae will be quick to inform you, Praetor, the care I recieve is between he and I, and is for the express purpose of keeping mind and body sound, as I am sure you are well aware." Graves loathed addressing this upstart cur as his lord, "I am to lead the vanguard and force the initial breach into the enemy stronghold, disrupting them long enough for the main force to advance."

"It seems your drug addled mind can still remember orders. You would do well to remember who is giving them," snapped Tabris.

The Raven Guard took up their positions, a heavy support squad with augur scanners kept watch, perched high atop an outer watch tower. The bulk of the troops occupied the fortresses outer defenses, occupying a battle cannon laden redoubt, a bunker with the defense forces ammo reserves, and imperial defense emplacement. The Raven Guard erected numerous tank traps to force the enemy into a snaking path and activated the void shields on the bunkers, while awaiting the imminent attack. It came from the one place they wouldn't have expected, the sky.

Seizing the initiative, the Death Guard descended. Three squads of assault marines bearing the unpainted ceramite and brass skulls successfully made their jump, with one squad being left behind, unprepared for the jump. Graves arrived atop a jetbike, followed by his Primus Medicae, and nine trusted sky hunters. The jetbikes plunged deep into the line of bunkers, soaring above the tank traps and weaving between battle cannon fire and boltgun shells. The foremost assault squad is pummeled by krak missile fire and begins to fall back.

From inside his bunker, Noxus recognizes the enemy commander. A former battle-brother, they fought shoulder to shoulder on Giana Prime against the Cybergarchy. Sportsman rivalry turned to bitter contempt and betrayal on the fields of Istvaan 5, where Graves viciously slew Raven Guard with chemical flame and bombardment. Sarbes Noxus's rage sweltered inside him, he surged forth from the bunker to engage the skyhunters, of whom were cut off by an additional tactical squad entrenched in the defense emplacement.

"GRAVES!" Noxus roared. "Face me, so that I may take from you, what you have taken from me!" With the challenged bellowed, Noxus leaped into the skyhunters full of righteous vengeance. Graves, was revving up his power scythe and had barely turned to face Noxus before the Black Angel was upon him.

"I can't let you fight him in your current condition, lord!" shouted the Primus Medicae as he rode forth between the two warriors. He parried the first few strikes, knocking the paragon blade low and brought his power sword down in a vertical strike with Noxus's guard open. Sarbes Noxus, with unbelievable speed, barreled his body into the Medicae and swung in an upwards arc cleaving the sword arm before it could strike. The Medicae's jetbike idled to the ground and he slumped forward, his head toppled from his body, severed from the same blow. Noxus peered over his shoulder, his back now to the ensuing melee as two squads of close combat equipped Raven Guard battled against the Death Guard skyhunters. The Sargeant from Talost squadron, wielding a power fist, effortlessly tossed a jetbike several metres before punching another marine from his mount, splintering his ribs and rupturing both hearts beyond repair. Graves knew the melee was lost.

"Skyhunters! Fall back!" he commanded as he brought his power scythe in an arc of death, separating three Raven Guard legionaries from their waists and spilling their upper haves into the air in a spray of gore and internal organs.

The delayed assault squad suffers an additional mishap, landing completely off target almost a kilometer away from their embattled brothers. Graves rallies his retreating brothers, and he and the three forward assault squads renew their assault, capturing the bunker as cover from the battle cannons. Graves brings his surviving skyhunters over Noxus and past the redoubt, all but through the Raven Guard defense lines.

Laser destroyer batteries and krak missiles streak almost endlessly into the assault marines. The final squad of Raven Guard disembark the redoubt in an attempt to stop Graves, boltgun fire is exchanged and both remaining skyhunters' vox units cut out, but Graves doesn't look back. Noxus presses his advantage, charging the closest squad of assault marines with his legionaries in tow. He decapitates the sargeant and two other men, his insatiable bloodlust bordering on madness. The pure ferocity of Noxus breaks the assault legionaries, despite causing casualties among the tacticals, and Noxus cuts them down viciously. All around, the trapped Death Guard fall prey to battle cannons, missile fire, and laser destroyers, while the Raven Guard leap from corners and ruins to prey on their dwindling numbers.

Sarbes Noxus hoists the severed head of the Primus Medicae into the air. "I AM VENGEANCE! I WILL TAKE ALL FROM YOU, GRAVES!" The cannons of The Widower's Teeth begin booming, firing shell after shell into the main host of the Death Guard, unwittingly now within range a few kilometers away. Heavy stubber fires strafes Graves's jetbike as he alone approaches the fortress walls. The turrets manned by the emboldened militia, not fearing the only man to breakthrough the loyal Astartes defenses. Realizing the enemy's hold on the area is too tight for his lone breakthrough to be worthwhile, Graves weaves and weathers the fire, whilst looking for his opportunity to escape the stronghold, or at the very least take cover until reinforcements hopefully arrive. His vox is ringing constantly with inquiries by Praetor Tabris.

"We're taking heavy cannon fire! Graves, what the hell happened out there!" Graves severs the vox connection.

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