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Main Blog Author: Dono1979 - 07 December 2015

Who will you support?
Inspection 6: Engage the Enemy (2015)

Less than a week to go for those wanting to enter the last Inspection of the year, the entry must contain some evidence of the enemy; it can be a duel underway (or recently completed), enemy casualties or other signs that the enemy has been engaged. Entries will close on the 14th of December after which we will have a week of voting followed by the judging.

This is also the last month in which the The Mustering is running, the ongoing painting challenge to support the Legion or force of your choice. To date we have got 52 PACTs to paint models with just under 12,000 points of models being completed, nice work! The current leaders in event are The Sons of Horus (with 3,315 points), Nightlords (with 2,180 points) and the Mechanicum (2,005 points). However with more than 15,000 points of models still outstanding these leaders could change very quickly. If you have an uncompleted PACT, do your best to try and get that batch of models finished, if you have finished but forgotten to update your PACT, get on it and get your points tallied against the force.

On the gaming side it has been an exciting and entertaining year watching the growth of the community and the corresponding increase in the number of Campaigns running through the site. Next year is looking to be even bigger with many more Campaigns already preparing to come on board, the Baylonian Insurrection, The Rallying of Trugoy, Inferno Campaign, The Lincon Heresy, Echorix Campaign plus the Global Heresy will also reset.




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