The Flesh is Weak

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 030.008.M31
Sub-Sector:Beneheventian Sub-Sector
System: Lincon System
Planet: Yaris Dock
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

+++Scanning: Unknown vessel+++

+++Identification: NULL/err+++

+++Date: 030.008.M31

+++Message via Relay-Servitor Ms-92alpha

+++Recipient: Acamas, Security Commander, IV Legion

Message reads: Scanning: Ship on approach vector Target: Docking bay Gamma-312Z Mobilise your forces. Unknown vessel inbound. Unresponsive, prepare for the worst, Commander. -Phrastor Message reads: I need ship verification. Mobilisation ongoing. Requesting status on Trisheros. -Acamas Message reads: Awaken Trisheros. Ship reference... processing… Viper Class Sco++Database Error: No Correlation: Ref: Pan3+90+2ra++.

Docking Bay Gamma-312Z bustled with activity. Servitors, Ratings, minor tech-priests and dockworkers were forcefully being herded off the deck by Astartes of the IV legion. –Get those blast doors closed, we can’t risk anyone getting through, yelled Acamas. They are coming. The ship approached Yaris Station, moving with a grace Imperial vessels usually did not possess. Custom built in the dockyards of Nix-Hydra, the Anesidora was far from standard. A century of modification by the Ship Mistress, Executor Fetial Elpis of the Charon Expedition, had turned this Viper into another beast entirely. ++Invictus, prepare your forces, we are about to be greeted by our hosts++ canted Elpis. ++Yes mistress++, replied the Myrmidax as he turned to stand in front of the ramp exiting the ship, red lights flickering on as the wakening command passed from unit to unit.

. . .

The sentry guns stationed at the entrance from the berth spun up their rotor cannons as the first of the Mechanicum troopers appeared in view. Rotor-cannon slugs ripped into the first ranks, bringing a few Thralls to their knees. Acamas cursed under his breath when only a solitary, inhuman soldier fell, the rest of them rising and continuing their march. Silent, deadly, deathless, the echoes of iron-shod feet reverberating through the corridors. Following the spearhead were the heavier elements of the boarding party. The Tech-Auxilia, specialised in keeping the Thralls intact and the Myrmidons, the paragons of war. As Invictus walked down the ramp from the ship, dual thin beams of unlight pierced the gloom, burning out the cortexes of the automated Tarantula sentry systems.

–Awaken, old friend, Acamas said and put his ceramite fist on the chest of the Dreadnought. Deep in sleep for so long, it took a while for Trisheros to fully become aware of his surroundings. –Once more into battle, once more for the Imperium. Acamas drew his sword and led his Cataphractii guard forward and took position at the strongpoint they had hastily constructed across the main corridor leading from the breached dock. Flanking him were his trusted Breachers, a squad he once had commanded. His Iron Havocs had taken up guard in an auxiliary corridor, and he missed the presence of their heavy bolters.

It felt like hours fighting. Acamas had seen his stalwart legion brothers being crushed by gravity bubbles, felled by beams of unlight and gouts of flame, and now the enemy had finally reached his ranks. The only thing he had heard from the Havocs since they had engaged a force of Thralls was garbled screams of agony and he feared he knew their fate as a unit of Thallaxii had joined the main assault force. He drew his blade and yelled –Monster, I challenge you. Fight me, stop hiding behind your faceless cohorts!

The hulking brute walked through his lines, a blank, metallic face meeting the IV legion commander’s challenge. Powering up his chain fist, the weapons mounted on his back snapped to the sides, firing and killing two further Astartes. –Challenge…. Accepted. It all went in a blur. The combatants closed the gap between them in a few strides, weapon meeting weapon. Acamas rained blow upon blow on the Myrmidon, who with equal skill parried each cut with his fist. A flash of light filled the corridor, the pressure wave of displaced air being the herald of a new arrival. Through the din of their melee, Acamas still heard the screams of his men dying in agony. –So, he said through gritted teeth, no honour in challenges. –There is no honour, only the arithmetic of war, replied Invictus. You should know this, Iron Warrior.

A gout of super-heated flame erupted from Trisheros Flamestorm cannon, engulfing a Myrmidon and several thralls, their charred remains turning into clouds of ash. The response was as sudden as the torrent itself. A graviton beam pierced the sarcophagus, crushing the marine within. Seeing his old friend fall, Acamas plunged his paragon blade through the chest of the myrmidon, ripping through cables and shorting out circuits. –I… said Invictus, falling to the floor. This moment of triumph was short-lived, however, as a Thallax warrior deftly swung its heavy chain blade, cutting the commander in twine across his midriff.

Elpis walked away from the broken body of the Myrmidax, his weakness disgusting her. –So, you are the wretch who tried to stop us gaining entry, she said to the IV legion commander. –Traitor scum! Acamas retorted. The servos in Elpis all too human face whirred and something like a smile touched her silvery lips. –You got spirit even in defeat, I will give you that. You will provide a great biological core for Invictus rebirth. She laughed, a tinny sound emitting from, her as she without effort picked up the dismembered, but still alive, body of the commander…


Unbeknownst to the majority of the inhabitants on Yaris station, dock Gamma-312Z possessed conduits directly linked to the shield emitters and deep-space scanners on this side of the station itself. The Tech-Auxilia magoses got access to these even as the battle still raged. (This represented the Cogitator Array objectives that were secured by the Traitor side during the battle)

The mission played was Breach and Clear Zone Mortalis battle from the Battle for Yaris Dock player pack. Mechanicum (Traitor) versus Iron Warriors (Loyalists), 1250pts a side.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
The Flesh is Weak~1452871739 A-MECH-0853 L-IV-5682 Traitor

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