The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 6

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Battle Details

Date Commenced: 625.010.M31
Date Concluded:
Outcome: Ongoing
Sub-Sector: Kaerimon Sub-Sector
System: Fuschal System
Location: Empusa

Forces involved in the Battle:

Loyalists Involved In The Conflict







Traitors Involved In The Conflict






Battle Summary

Up until the third day of the Loyalist's splinter attack on the death world, tactical prognoses were generally favourable. Some of the loyalist successes could be put down to the efforts of the enslaved local population, who, after all, were highly motivated, knew the mining tunnels intimately, and had access to high explosive.

However, one significant problem arose during this phase of the battle, as Loyalist forces gathered to exterminate the vestiges of the Traitor occupation - God-engines. These had been brought down to the service for repairs using the rare metals and minerals of Empusa. When the Loyalists landed, most were engaged in exercises in the ruins of the mining city Lassit-Alpha, destroyed by the traitors when they first demanded Empusa's capitulation.

The Liberation forces hurriedly redirected their own superheavy units to deal with the threat - fortunately, few had been assigned to Fuschal, as the landscape there was poorly conducive to Legio operations.


The traitor forces on Empusa suffered tremendously under the Loyalist's wrath, and had been swiftly scattered or driven back into final redoubts. Shadow Wars missions for Heresy Book 6 are recommended.


Titan-scale warfare is encouraged in this phase - use the new game, or dig out your old Epic minis.


Zone Mortalis games all use the Catastrophic Damage rules.


Infantry, bikes and open-topped vehicles take d6 Poison(4) hits if they move through soft cover, thickets, or swamps. Enclosed vehicles, flyers, and skimmers are immune. Any game played on the surface of Empusa, beyond the city walls, should have as many patches of undergrowth and groves of carnivorous plant growth as possible.


Most of the outer defenses had been bypassed or silenced by this point in the Liberation, but some were still operational. Flamer weapons fired from fortifications gain the Torrent trait.


As for the earlier Phase. Roll d6 for number of Mysterious Structures on the table

1-2 - No Structures
3-4 - One Mysterious Structure
5 - Two Mysterious Structures
6 - Three Mysterious Structures

Designate terrain features as Mysterious Structures before rerolling for set-up. Roll 2d6 for type of structure, when a unit enters the structure or moves within 2” of it.

2 - Tunnel Entrance- Any unit destroyed earlier in the game may be replaced with an identical unit that emerges from the tunnel. Replaced units arrive during the Reserves phase.

3 - No Way Out - With escape routes cut off, support non-existent, and more Loyalist forces arriving all the time, morale among the traitors began to collapse. Traitor units arriving at this building discover that their escape tunnel has collapsed, expected supply caches missing, and reserves fatally delayed. The unit suffers a -1 Leadership penalty while in the structure, until they pull themselves together and move out again.

4 - Vox Array- An invaluable asset to both sides, as the loyalists coordinate their forces and the traitors try to organise their escape. Units occupying a Vox Array may reroll all Reserves rolls, and the Array becomes a secondary objective for the remainder of the game worth 2VP.

5 - Sapspitters - An unpleasant quasi-fungal species, that sprays a sticky parasitic mucilage at passing animals. The infection is treatable, but the slime gunks up weapons and equipment. All ranged weapons suffer Gets Hot.

6 - Mining Cache - Supplies for the mines. Units entering the building acquire frag grenades and a Breacher charge.

7 - Spore Cloud- A unit approaching or entering this structure trigger a mass spore release by Empusan flora. The spores are not immediately lethal, and units within 2” of the structure are Shrouded for the following turn.

8 - Flamer Emplacement - Equipment used by the Empusans to hold off the indigenous flora. Contains a non-portable flamer with the Torrent trait, and grants the Torrent trait to any flamer weapons in the unit while they occupy the structure.

9 - Charnel House - The area was used by the Night Lords, for reasons best left unsaid. All Loyalists and Traitor Militia suffer -2 to Leadership when within 2” of the structure, unless they are Fearless, and must make a Leadership test to enter the structure.

10 - Empusan Flora - The structure is infested with particularly vicious plant life. Any unit within 2” of the structure takes 2d6 Poison (4) hits each round they remain in or near the structure.

11 - Mole Machine - One of the vehicles used by the miners to access new veins of ore. Currently immobilised, but with repair will prove highly valuable for breaking through the underground defenses. Provides 4+cover and acts as 2VP secondary objective for the rest of the game.

12 - Cave-in - A building seriously damaged by subsidence, deliberately booby-trapped, or concealing unexploded ordnance. When a unit enters the structure, roll a d6 and add the number of troops in the unit, or the AV of the vehicle. Bulky troops count as 2 each. If the total of 15 or more, the unit has caused the entire building to collapse. Units with auspex or omnispex may reroll the d6. All models within or within 2” of the structure take a S6+3 hit, AP3 Ordnance hit. Replace the structure with ruins or a crater, and treat as a Tunnel Entrance.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

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Skirmish Designation Victor Opponent Outcome
The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 6~1535851185 I-ARMY-3548 A-MECH-6429
The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 6~1537255642 L-VII-2023 A-MECH-6429
The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 6~1537506304 I-ARMY-3330 A-MECH-0478
The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 6~1537506541 A-MECH-0478 I-ARMY-3330
The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 6~1538393598 A-MECH-6429 X-ELDAR-1515
The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 6~1538393927 X-ELDAR-1515 I-ARMY-3330
The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 6~1538394039 L-I-0527 I-ARMY-3330
The Liberation of Fuschal~Phase 6~1538653183 I-ARMY-3330 X-ELDAR-1515

Battle Pictures