The Lincon Heresy

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The Lincon Heresy
Lincon Shield.jpg

Honour Badge:

The Linconian Shield


Phase 1 (2016): Once per battle allow a single reserve roll to be rerolled

Phase 2 (2017): Once per battle allow a single reroll of a charge distance

Lincon Ribbon.jpg
Campaign Ribbon for the Lincon Heresy Campaign

Campaign Detail

Date Commenced: 219.008.M31
Date Concluded:
Outcome: Loyalist Victory
Sub-Sector: Beneheventian Sub-Sector
System: Lincon System
Location: System Wide


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict















Traitors Involved In The Conflict











Campaign Summary

In the wake of Horus' treachery on Istvaan III and the galaxy plunged into civil war, confusion and panic spreads along the whole Beneheventian Sub-Sector. With the ragtag survivors of the drop site massacre and shattered Imperial forces desperately trying to reach supply depots, shipyards, forge worlds and safe heavens to regroup and rearm the Lincon System has become a major focal point in the Sub-Sector. With the only Ship Yard capable of building and repairing capital ships in the sector, Yaris Station and Lincon Majoris, a Hive World rich in Admantium and production of Void ship armour, the Lincon System is a vital price that has to be controlled. Whoever controll the Lincon System will control the whole sub-sector.

Horus knows this and has redirected several fleets to the area in an effort to secure the system for his war effort. Alpha Legion sleeper cells and Word Bearer demagogues are already infiltrating the system and open revolt has flared up across the whole Beneheventian Sub-Sector as the fleets of the Warmaster closes in. Loyalists are desperately preparing for the coming onslaught and messages have been dispatched to Terra and what few reinforcements that are available are being diverted towards the Lincon System. With every passing day the storm is getting closer and soon the wrath of the arch traitor will engulf the entire Sub-Sector and not a single planet will be spared his torch…. Lincon will burn!


The sky was thick with smoke, dust and ash. Bolter fire could still be heard in the distance but compared with the sounds from the last months of fighting it was almost like a silent calm had beset the planet. Captain Sagrak of the Raven Guard, 19 Chapter – the Black Talons, surveyed the burning wrecks that covered the landscape. Here in the Ash Wastes of Lincon Majoris the battle had been the fiercest. There were still pockets of resistance all around the system but the main attack from the Traitors had been thrown back. Sagrak knew however that it would be many years until the system would be completely purged from forces of the Warmaster and already reports about sabotage and ambushes where flooding into the Imperial Command Centre. The assault on the Lincon System might be over but the Linconian Shadow War has begun…


“Then there came a day when the sun was as blood and the very air became ashes, and the men cried out for salvation but went unanswered, for the Angel of Death was with them and all was lost.”

The Apocrypha Terra

Here is a suggestive FAQ and the Shadow War rules that can be used as a reference when playing games in the campaign

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Cometh the Red Angel 890.007.M31 Lincon Majoris Traitor

In the smoldering remains of wrecks and debris in high orbit above the Urgall Depression, Horus called a meeting of the Primarchs aboard his flagship, the Vengeful Spirit. Five of the Primarchs, ..→

Defence of Platform Tetra-Elipsia 12B 948.007.M31 Yaris Dock Loyalist

As the void in the Lincon system exploded into a fire work of light as loyalist and traitor ships engaged each other in furious battle the fighting spilling even further across Lincon Near-Space. ..→

Massacre in the Pit 025.008.M31 Lincon Majoris Traitor

The orbital assault came in inexorable and measured steps, the Caestus Rams and Thunderhawks of the Death Guard descending amid the meteoric fires of the falling ships that had perished in Lincon ..→

The Battle for Lincon Secondus 063.008.M31 Lincon Secondus Loyalist

As the fleets of the Warmasters invasion forces spread like a wildfire throughout the Lincon System. Steaming towards Lincon Secundus was the infamous Gloriana Class Battleship, The Conqueror, who ..→

The Flesh is Weak 030.008.M31 Yaris Dock Traitor

+++Scanning: Unknown vessel+++

+++Identification: NULL/err+++

+++Date: 030.008.M31

+++Message via Relay-Servitor Ms-92alpha

+++Recipient: Acamas, Security Commander, ..→

The Lincon Heresy~1462400324 216.008.M31 Yaris Dock Traitor


+++Be patient+++

Inhalation. Such a human reflex, a weakness yet to be excised. His silvered eyelids slid open, his mechanical eyes focused. A folly from before his Ascendance. A ..→

The Lincon Heresy~Decent of Raven 910.007.M31 Hells Reach Traitor

The fabrics of real space was torn asunder and a myriad of lights played across the region of space where a gaping maw into the warp open to reveal the vanguard of the Warmasters fleet as it ..→

The Lincon Heresy~The Dreamless and the Ravens 158.008.M31 Hells Reach Loyalist

Prelude to battle

Yaris Dock; Mooring Point Gamma-Ypsilon 2B2

Bridge; Cybernetica Cruiser Hemera

-Lord, we have located Cybernetic signals on Hells Reach, the Tech-Priest ..→

The Lincon Heresy~The Lord Commander joins the fight 068.008.M31 Lincon Secondus Loyalist

With the initial failure to eradicate the surviving Iron Hands from the surface of Lincon Secondus the interest of Lord Commander Eidolon was piqued. Perhaps there was some glory to be had in this ..→

The Lincon Heresy~The Medusan Survivors Arrive 063.008.M31 Lincon Secondus Loyalist

Breaking from the warp, sheathed in unnatural light, a lonely Iron Hands battle barge emerged into the cold void surrounding the Lincon system. Badly damaged, it seemed nothing less than a miracle ..→

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Skirmish Reports

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Defence of Platform Tetra-Elipsia 12B~1449955212 L-XIX-2375 L-XIV-2424 Loyalist
Massacre in the Pit~1452548712 L-XIV-2424 L-XIX-2375 Traitor
The Battle for Lincon Secondus~1453664574 L-IV-2336 L-XII-5545 Loyalist
The Flesh is Weak~1452871739 A-MECH-0853 L-IV-5682 Traitor
The Lincon Heresy~1448730808 L-XII-5545 L-IV-2336 Traitor
The Lincon Heresy~1449140775 L-XII-1437 L-XIX-0553 Traitor
The Lincon Heresy~Decent of Raven~1448956308 L-XII-5545 L-XIX-0553 Traitor
The Lincon Heresy~The Dreamless and the Ravens~1456954913 L-XIX-0553 A-MECH-0853 Loyalist
The Lincon Heresy~The Lord Commander joins the fight~1453846077 L-X-5901 L-III-3451 Loyalist
The Lincon Heresy~The Medusan Survivors Arrive~1453846230 L-X-5901 L-III-3451 Loyalist

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Campaign Pictures


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