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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 216.008.M31
Sub-Sector:Beneheventian Sub-Sector
System: Lincon System
Planet: Yaris Dock
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary


+++Be patient+++

Inhalation. Such a human reflex, a weakness yet to be excised. His silvered eyelids slid open, his mechanical eyes focused. A folly from before his Ascendance. A Servant of the Divine Omnissiah, a tool for elimination, a man no longer mortal.

+++Identification: Priority data: IV Legion+++

+++ Loading data package: Annihilate. Exterminate. Destroy+++

Exhalation. The data scrolled across Menoetius’s retinas. Priority orders. IV Legion. Hostiles located in spire 43. A flex of synthetic muscle. Lightning sparked along a blade forged from the heart of a dying star.

+++Orders received. Initiate containment protocol 3ypsilon3+++

+++The servants of the Machine-God are ready to march on your command+++

Commander Kyriakos, last surviving Centurion of the Iron Warriors alive on Yaris station let his breath out slowly. How did it come to this? Hunted by Mechanicum forces who had been allies mere hours ago. What was this madness? And why had is vox returned nothing but static after trying to contact the Olympian Sun orbiting the dockyard?

A moment ago, or was it hours… the gloom at the edges of the space station made it hard to tell. The cogitators inside each and every Astartes under Kyriakos’s command had been erratic since they lost contact with the rest of the Legion. He looked at his gathered troops. Understrength, under gunned but no less determined to fight. They were Iron Warriors all, proud sons of Olympia, and they had never backed down from a fight they had every possibility to win. The arithmetic of war sang in the commander’s mind.

+++Initiate protocol: Empyrite+++

Menoetius studied the Thallaxii hunting party assembled before him. Statistics, vitals and a myriad of data inloaded into his mind as his eyes moved over them. The thrill of the hunt awakened inside of him as a flash migraine bright darkness and leering faces danced in the shadows of the now empty storage hall.

The Astartes took up position, covering every and all angles of the corridors and rooms where they were entrenched. All of them knew that they had to find a way out of here soon. The hunters were catching up to them and the need to bring the message of betrayal to their brethren were paramount. Kyriakos signalled one of the squads to move out, scouting the way forward.

+++Message: Target located. Containment protocol enacted. Targeting solutions sent+++

With the teleportation successful, Menoetius ordered his Cohorts forwards. Search and destroy enacted, a bolt of plasma melting through a door barring their way.

The station shook as lance strikes hit the superstructure, easily melting through the hull. Kyriakos turned to his men and gave a short command: Move out! Several more lance strikes hit in rapid succession and the Astartes closest to their commander threw themselves to the deck as a lance strike burned through the corridor in front of them, melting steel and voiding the spire to the void. Blast doors failed to slam shut as the power went out, the severed conduits no longer transferring power. As Kyriakos and his men got back to their feet a sinking feeling went into their hearts. Half of their number had been lost to the lance strike.

+++Reloading targeting data. Thallaxii lost. Hunt still in progress+++

The Mechanicum cohorts closed in on the IV legion fools. Fools? Menoetius wondered about the word surfacing in his mind. He noted the loss of resources under his command, two Thallaxii could easily be replaced, but the lance strikes could cause a problem.

“We need to find a new path” –yelled Kyriakos, pointing back down the corridor and started to move. “We have to bring the messa……” his voice went silent as another lance strike hit, melting through the corridor and ending all hope for the beleaguered IV legionnaires.

+++Cease fire. Mission completed+++

On the bridge of the Olympian Sun Antiphates smiled as he received confirmation from his Mechanicum allies. His lord Perturabo and the Warmasters will had been done this day. He would have to reimburse the Mechanicum for their losses, but that was a small price to pay.

…breathing shallow…armour icing over…consciousness fading…drifting through the void…a final moment of clarity…BETRAYAL…

Mission: Encounter, Yaris Dock Zone Mortalis pack. 450 points. Loyalist Iron Warriors vs Mechanicum

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