The Lincon Heresy~The Dreamless and the Ravens

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 158.008.M31
Sub-Sector:Beneheventian Sub-Sector
System: Lincon System
Planet: Hells Reach
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

Prelude to battle

Yaris Dock; Mooring Point Gamma-Ypsilon 2B2

Bridge; Cybernetica Cruiser Hemera

-Lord, we have located Cybernetic signals on Hells Reach, the Tech-Priest canted. -Send the Fates to upload the code, canted Hypnos, let the divine utterances of the Omnissiah fill them and enlighten them. -Affirmative, orders sent and acknowledged.

Hypnos looked with impassive eyes, unblinking and cold. His steely gaze fixing on the three dots of light leaving the fleet. The Fates were on their way.

Hells Reach; Ruins of Industrial Complex 43Alpha

Manufactorum Warehouse

Vordin Solari stood in silence, looking over the ruined rooftops of the Industrial Complex where his remaining few Legionnaires had sought refuge after their disastrous drop on Hells Reach. He had no memory of the latter stages of the battle against the Sons of the Red Angel, but it had been a disaster. They had been on the run for a while but the Berserkers soon grew tired of the hunt and went for easier targets. The forces under his command had slowly grown as other survivors of the drop had linked up with them. The greatest surprise was the Dreadnought Arael of the Blood Angels Legion, a broken shell of a warrior locked in armour and cursed to fight for eternity. Solari laughed to himself, he could really relate to Arael.

-Captain! Our scouts have returned, the vox crackled in Solaris ear as his second-in-command reported in. They have found an abandoned Manufactorum. It is intact and data mentions it having access to an underground hangar. -Gather the men. We move out at sunfall, said Vordin Solari; Talon Captain of the Raven Guard.

Hells Reach; Orbit

The Fates; Bridge of the Lachesis

-We got signal lock on the Cybernetica Node.

-Start transmitting the code.

-Yes Captain, code transmitting and being received.

-Activate, let the Dreamless walk for the True Omnissiah.

The Battle for Manufactorum D42A1C

A storm raged, full of corrosive clouds and green lightning, covering the Manufactorum and making the sky treacherous. Vordin Solari led half of his ragged band of legionnaires through the ruins, letting his second-in-command lead the other half on a path circling their target. Moving forward, slow and cautious, the Raven Guard force approached the target.

A deafening screech erupted, leaving a ringing sound and disturbing sense and sensors. Out of the gloom, visible only in lightning strikes, automatas stalked through the gloom. Taking up position, the Cybernetica Cohorts moved erratically, as if not fully in control of their movement.

Arael, moving ahead of the group, takes up position and with barely a moment’s thought vaporizes the door blocking the path to the objective, leaving the legionnaires following him free passage to the inner courtyard. Moving into position, the dreadnought get hit by bolts of lightning fired by Mechanicum Thallaxii. A quick systems check showed no damage, however not all damage is easily identified…

The Castellax made short work of the first gate they happened upon, and the unit moves through into the courtyard beyond. Behind them the Raven Guard reinforcements appear, engaging the Thallaxii rear-guard and rapidly gunning down the junior Magi lagging behind. Bellowing a war cry that echoes through broken vox speakers, Arael engages the closest Thallaxii, vaporising one of them with his multi-melta. Scrapcode however, infects both the Thallaxii and the noble Dreadnought, locking them into a melee that never ends.

Talon Captain Solari orders his men to secure the objective as they reach the courtyard in front of the Manufactorum. Outside the gates the battle still rages, his men dragging down a second Thallax. As soon as it had begun, the screeching noise dies down. The purple, migraine bright light in the hearts of the automatas die down as the Scrapcode fails to keep hold.

The Raven carries the day! The battle cry gets lost in the overcast skies. –We might finally have a way off this rock, shouts Solari, we will not be hindered.


Hells Reach, Orbit

the Fates, Bridge of the Lachesis

-Seems like the experiment is a failure. -Indeed, either the code was bad or the resistance greater than expected. -This data needs analysing. The three Magi commanding the frigates nodded in unison, a remnant from their human days. As two holograms flickered and died down, the engines powered up and they returned to the fleet.

(This battle was a modified Zone Mortalis battle from the Yaris Dock mission book and was played between Raven Guard (1000pts) and Mechanicum (1000pts)).

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
The Lincon Heresy~The Dreamless and the Ravens~1456954913 L-XIX-0553 A-MECH-0853 Loyalist

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