The Onslaught at Gamlin Pass

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 808.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Hawcinus Sub-Sector
System: Harkarialis System
Planet: Ark'alask Septimus
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

Delegatus Xander Levinius surveyed the desolate pass from atop the highest floor of the imperial bastion, considering how best to utilize what men and machines were left at his disposal. He had been informed by his lord Praetor the forward assaults on the Emperor loving scum had been resisted, and now Levinius was steeling himself for the very real possibility of a counter assault. Gamlin Pass was a foremost major thoroughfare for any hoping to press beyond the treacherous Arklesian mountains and into a large contingency of allied forces. It cut between two sizable crags, which had then been hastily reinforced with high walls and armored watchtowers on either side. Dense wood dotted the landscape and center of the pass, a fine place take cover the Delagatus mused. Allowing the enemy beyond this point would open up multiple avenues of attack, and the traitors were in no position to spread themselves thin.

"My lord Levinius, the artillery has moved into position, and the heavy weapons teams have been outfitted as you commanded. You think they will be here tonight? So soon? It's been only a day since we heard of Graves' defeat at the front line."

"Do not underestimate the zeal and celerity of the corvidae signal master, replied Levinius solemnly, "lest you find your head unexpectedly separated from your shoulders. We must maintain vigil, or be surrounded when we least expect it."

Suddenly, vox chatter exploded across his channel,

"Commander it's the ene-!" only to be swiftly silenced by a throaty gurgling, and replaced with static.

"Sergeant Bramus of the forward reconnaissance has gone quiet," shouted the Delagatus over his vox, "but for the rest of you, the harvest has come! Move out!

With silent stoicism, the warriors of L-XIV-6818 advanced into the pass to confront their aggressors; heavy chem-flamers ignited and tacticals brandished their combat blades as they approached the darkened wood.

"Commander, I'm picking up some strange readings on the other side of that wood," said Master of Signal Bardiel Septus, consulting his augury scanner "a faint pulse of voided energy that seems to be massing outwards in a fixed space. Orders for the mechanized flank my lord?"

There was only one order to give.


The pass detonated in a cacophony of ordnance and plasma fire. Two predator class tanks unleashed their plasma payload the impunity of a scythe on wheat towards the direction of the voided signal, while the two Scorpius' and Medusa peppered the pass with ordnance, near where sergeant Bramus met his grisly fate. The plasma hammered the darkened sphere of space, its luminescence streaking the invisible surface until it collapsed upon itself and winded out of existence, revealing the presence of a decorated Raven Guard Praetor and his elect guard of assault marines. Levinius barely had time to register the eminent danger before the ordnance shells fell- upon both sides! Unbeknownst to the Delegatus, a rapier mortar team and whirlwind Scorpius had infiltrated their way beyond the pass, hidden from the gaze of Levinius' tower n o less. Nuncio voxes on either side pointed the way to fearsome effect, both sides taking casualties as the grim reality of the situation became abundantly clear; this place was a deathtrap.

The void shield down, Septus locked his cognis signum onto the vital signs beyond the central wood and barked,

"Culverins, on my mark!"

A swift shopping motion of his hand was greeted by a deafening roar of volkite laser, cutting down what flora, fauna, and power armor it came upon.

5 of his men lay dead at his feet as Praetor Sarbes Noxus stands himself and the remainder of his guard up into some semblance of stability, but the situation was grim, and action had to be taken quickly. Only one of the 5 men he had ordered to consolidate their ground yet held his plasma cannon, and he urgently voxed for command- worse still was the loss of 4 of the 6 Mor Deythan elite whom had taken forward position along the wall; the remaining two surveyed the remains of the Medusa shell with grim resolve. They said farewell to Noxus with a gesture, and charged towards the front line of chemical flamers, spreading their plasma fire generously as the Death Guard warriors still reeled from the casualties of the Scorpius. As both the traitorous flamers and forward tacticals fell back towards their company's standard bearer, Noxus acknowledged his old friends' bravery and sacrifice. He would not let more of his kin be offered up to this reaping, and he sounded a retreat- his assault squad rocketed away from the carnage with due haste, them and the remaining Sergeant desperately trying to put as much distance between themselves and the artillery as possible. An incoming drop pod adjusted its course at the last second to land away from the pass, and the forward Sicaran gave the pod's seeker cargo cover, blasting the enemy watchtower as it went. Ordnance continued to fall upon Noxus as he and his squad retreated.

"Look out sir!" cried his men.

"Look out sir!" bellowed Centurion Septus, but he could not protect his lord from the sudden and violent fall of debris, a dangerous by-product of the heavy laser fire that was slamming their hold. The impact had left the Delegatus bloodied and worn, but with Septus' aid they fell back into the secret mountain pass, and out an escape hatch some ways away. It wasn't long before the front line reported back with news of a last set of enemy vital signs remaining beyond the pass, the battlefield all but clear.

"Restrain the cur and bring him back to the hold," said Delegatus Levinius, cocking a wry smile, "I'm sure the Praetor would like a word with him"

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