The Rallying of Trugoy

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The Rallying of Trugoy
Rallying of Trugoy Badge.jpg

Honour Badge:

The Burning Aquila


ACT of Heresy: One Unit gain Preferred Enemy Loyalist/Traitor

Rallying of Trugoy Ribbon.jpg

Campaign Detail

Date Commenced: 063.008.M31
Date Concluded:
Outcome: Pyrrhic Traitor Victory
Sub-Sector: Trugoy System
System: System Wide
Location: System Wide


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict

























Traitors Involved In The Conflict






























Campaign Badge

Rallying of Trugoy Badge.jpg

Campaign Summary


The Warmasters great betrayal is announced to the galaxy with the bloody brutal shattering of the loyalist legions at Istvaan IV. The unthinkable has become reality, brother fights brother, the Imperium of man folds upon itself in conflict. Elements of the once vast loyalist forces withdraw in hast to systems beyond the Warmasters reach. They seek to repair, they seek to re-arm, but most of all, they seek vengeance.

One such loyalist force, larger than most, consolidates within the Trugoy system. Remarkably unremarkable, this system comprises of a highly advanced and populous hive world, a small forgeworld, an agri world, an icy deathworld and an inhospitable gas giant from which obits the systems shipyards.

Legion commanders have taken control of the systems defenses and they begin to prepare for the horrors of what is sure to come.

This is where they will stand, this is where they will fight on their terms, for the Emperor and for their brothers.

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
The Rallying of Trugoy~ACT of Heresy: Grox 063.008.M31 Grox Loyalist

A Forgotten Legacy


Before the conflict had truly begun the Loyalist forces had sent an advance scouting fleet into the Truogy system to source resources and ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~ACT of Heresy: Impasse 063.008.M31 Impasse Loyalist

Dark Experiments

Impasse 1.jpg

The Retlaxi Mechanicum were tasked some time ago by Horus to begin construction of an underground research laboratory in order to research ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~ACT of Heresy: Nestro 063.008.M31 Nestro Loyalist

Battles in the Void

Nestro ACT 1.jpg

Deploying the vast majority of their forces and fleet to Trugoy to take advantage of the protection provided by the planets ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~ACT of Heresy: Trugoy 063.008.M31 Trugoy Loyalist

The Corruption of Office

Trugoy 2.jpg

Although the Governor of Trugoy was quick to reaffirm his loyalty to the Emperor, it was a hollow pledge indeed; resentful at ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~Ep.2 - Escape from Nestro 197.008.M31 Nestro Unresolved
Escape from Nestro 1 .jpg

With the destruction of the Light Cruiser Pacificus the Nestro Dockyards sustained significant damage to one of its primary construction arms. ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~Ep.3 - Crushing of Grox 311.008.M31 Grox Traitor

With the revelation of the existence of underground titan hangers buried beneath the surface of Grox, the war on the planet evolved into a wide spread skirmish and exploration campaign with both ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~Ep.4 - Siege of Geigenhive 617.008.M31 Trugoy Traitor


Following the death of Ferrus Manus on the black sands of the Urgall Depression, information and whispers of the Geigenhive on Trugoy first got back to Warmaster's ears. ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~Ep.5 - Scouring of Sydneaous Prime 770.008.M31 Trugoy Traitor

The battle for Sydneaous Primary Hive, home to Trugoy’s astropathic relays and largest choir, will be remembered as a stirring Loyalist victory for centuries to come. The opening phases of the ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~Ep.6 - Final Battle of Trugoy 904.008.M31 Trugoy Draw

Day One

The Battlefields were barren, silent and scattered with debris and wreckage from the space battle above. Abandoned were little pieces of info both sides needed to have and protect, ..→

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While the Traitors had succeeded in destroying nearly every Loyalist opposition in the lead up to the Rallying at Trugoy, the Warmasters advances stopped there. With the initial defeat in the attempted landings on the primary planets, the Traitors forces continued to take solid loses as they attempted to break the Emperors forces within the system. Although their tactic changed and become far more focused surgical strikes, this came too late and achieved too little to dislodge the Loyalists garrisons. This is not to say that serious damage was not done to the System and the Loyalists hold upon it.

From the earliest stages of the war, Impasse became a death world of unprecedented levels, with the Xenos virus running rampant across the surface all promethium production ground to a halt as the refineries workers died en masse and with little resources to divert to the planet to assist it quickly became abandoned by both factions. The dark Mechanicum faction deep beneath the surface, long dead, had both succeeded and failed in their task to the Warmaster; had the Loyalists not intervened the virus would have been safely removed from the planet, free to be used on other worlds and in other campaigns. The cost for this though was great and will be felt in the Systems economy for centuries to come.

Although never a prosperous planet, the rediscovery of the Titan hangers on Grox had revealed a facet of the planet which had been buried for aeons. In less war torn times, these discoveries would have been cause for tremendous celebration; the rebirthing of a lost titan legio would have attracted the favour of Mars itself and given the System a powerful ally, rejuvenating the former Forger world at the same time. Instead the world's atmosphere still burns, the planets surface breaking and roiling beneath the cataclysmic damage done to it by the Titan wars fought over it. Grox's legacy, briefly remembered, will slide into oblivion once again.

The famed Nestro station and its dock yards proved luckier than the planets. Although there was significant damage done to one of its docking arms early in the campaign, the Traitors never again tried to launch a coordinated boarding action against the facility, merely harassing the station from afar. This alone will prove pivotal in the coming years of war against the Warmaster, for the dockyards, even damaged, will provide a valuable repair point deep inside the fringe for Loyalist fleets and may even be able to begin production of smaller vessels again within a few year.

Trugoy itself fared better then its minion worlds, but certainly did not escape unscathed. The initial betrayal of the Governor and the mass conversion of the population to their old religion gave the Loyalist forces enemies on two fronts; the invading Traitors and the rebelling civilians they were trying to protect. Even as the Emperors name was restored as ruled over the planet, multiple Hive worlds fell to civil war as the dark rituals continued unabated, tearing the very fabric of reality asunder. Geigenhive and Sydneaous Prime were the two main victims of the Traitors incursions, the former taking significant civilian casualties and witnessing multiple horrors. A final assault on the Trugoy Primary hive was met with the same resolute Loyalist resistance which was seen throughout the war, defeating the last offensive by the Warmaster in this System.

Campaign Pictures

Grox1.jpg Grox10.jpg Grox11.jpg Grox12.jpg Grox14.jpg Grox15.jpg Grox16.jpg Grox17.jpg Grox2.jpg Grox3.jpg Grox4.jpg Grox5.jpg Grox6.jpg Grox7.jpg Grox8.jpg Grox9.jpg Grox 2.jpg Grox 3.jpg Grox 4.jpg Grox 5.jpg Grox 6.jpg Grox 7.jpg Grox 8.jpg Impasse 1.jpg Impasse 2.jpg Impasse 3.jpg Impasse 4.jpg Nestro ACT 1.jpg Nestro ACT 2.jpg Nestro ACT 3.jpg Nestro ACT 4.jpg Trugoy1.jpg Trugoy 2.jpg Trugoy 3.jpg Trugoy 4.jpg Trugoy 6.jpg

Skirmish Reports

  • L-I-3135 defeated L-XII-1974 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XIII-2422 defeated L-XVII-5245 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XII-1974 defeated L-XVIII-2139 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XVII-5831 defeated L-X-4135 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XVII-5831 defeated L-XIX-5065 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XIII-1313 defeated Mitch a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XIII-1313 defeated Mitch a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XVII-5245 defeated L-X-4135 a Traitor gain.
  • L-VII-8431 defeated I-ARMY-4140 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XIX-5065 defeated L-IV-9714 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XIX-5065 defeated L-XVII-5831 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XIII-8435 defeated L-VII-3177 a Traitor gain.
  • L-IV-9714 defeated L-XIII-2422 a Traitor gain.
  • L-VII-3460 defeated I-ARMY-4140 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XX-3187 defeated L-VII-3178 a Traitor gain.
  • L-I-3135 defeated I-ARMY-8733 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-VII-5059 defeated L-XII-4985 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XVII-5831 defeated L-VII-5059 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XVI-9805 fought L-XIII-2422 resulting in a standoff.
  • Mitch defeated L-VII-3177 a Traitor gain.

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