The Rallying of Trugoy~Ep.6 - Final Battle of Trugoy

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 904.008.M31
Sub-Sector:Centrumeh Sub-Sector
System: Trugoy System
Planet: Trugoy
Victor: Draw
Draw: y
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict

Traitors Involved In The Conflict

Battle Summary

Day One

The Battlefields were barren, silent and scattered with debris and wreckage from the space battle above. Abandoned were little pieces of info both sides needed to have and protect, some left behind on purpose to mislead and disrupt the forces; some Booby-trapped, some decoys. Emperors Children dominated the attacking Raven Guard. The Raven Guard tried their best to advance but were unable to force their way through the Emperors Children Land Raiders heavy armour. Despite having this overwhelming power the Emperors Children found it difficult to find and suppress the advancing Ravens. However, Fulgrim had a plan; as no man’s land diminished, Fulgrim released his terminator elites and bogged down once again the Ravens. The data points well hidden, the Raven Guard had no choice but to retreat. On the other side of the battlefield the second force of Raven Guard was supported and reinforced by the Loyalist Solar Auxilla. The Knights quickly advanced forcing both Loyal armies to retreat also.

Despite this heavy push back, the Loyalist’s did have one victory, the Imperial Fist’s had dug themselves in very hard, the Night Lords, hidden in the night were cut down by the mass of bolter and weapon fire.

Day Two

As reinforcements arrived, it was time to take action for both sides. As the Night Lords retreated the Raven Guard saw an opportunity to come down on them from all angles. The Night lords turned around only to see shadows in the night surround them and cut down their outer units on patrol. Before they could completely react they had lost their command centre leaving Curz to charge at the nearest most vulnerable unit he could see. The battle raged on to see neither side take a victory but heavy losses on both sides.

The Ravens and Solar Auxilla battled on as the Emperor’s children advanced from their flank with jet bikes. Before they could deal any Damage the Solar Auxilla managed to take out some high priority targets, a small victory for the later wars to come. Overwhelmed, once again did the ravens have to retire from the battlefield as there was still one more battle to come. The Knights took very heavy loses as they approached the second entrenched Imperial Fists. Unable to move the loyalists lines, explosions could be seen for miles as one knight after another fell to the superior firepower of the Imperial Fists.

Day Three

Solar Auxilla and the Raven Guard had lost too much to continue on and fell back to support and defend the loyalists forward operating base. The Night Lords were left to find this base but after a long search and analysis determined that the base was inconsequential to the battle ahead. The remaining Raven Guard decided to inspect a fuelling station not too far from the battle to determine if it has a role in defending against any reinforcements. However, on this battlefield the only army that can match the speed of the Raven Guard marines are the Knights. The Raven Guard couldn’t hold their position in the fueling area in fear of it exploding. They were left to fall back into no man’s land where they were cut down. Only a few were able to escape in transports.

The Imperial Fists, now with three standing defence on the battle field were attacked by the Emperors Children. Only this time, the Imperials Fist’s gunline came to hinder them and cause defeat. They were pinned in their lines, and while cause heavy damage and taking on very little, the speed of the Emperors Children allowed them to capture datapoints before the advance of the Loyalist. Despite this unfortunate situation for the Imperial Fists, their deployment before the battle came to their advantage once again.

The end of the day the Loyalist’s had a very difficult time but held their ground cause a 51 to 52 win for the Traitors.

The War was not over. A warlord titan was deployed by the traitors in this sector. The Imperial Fists, the only force able to defend the sector was deployed in mass to defend. Small forces of Raven Guard and Night lords were positioned throughout the battlefield to support the two armies. Little did the Traitors know that the amongst them were traitors. Several Knight Titans had turned with knowledge the the full force of the traitors were held back in fear of the distraction that the warlord would have if it were too fall. Betrayed some knights turned against their brothers and struck at the Warlord titan and together with the full force of the Loyalist, sure enough, the Titan fell. Destroying both armies completely. Anything not yet dead would sure enough be dead as soon as the radiation overwhelms their bodies or erodes their synthetics.

The Day ended in an ultimate draw.

Report from the Field

Leaning on the edge of the cupola, cutting the same casual yet authoritative pose that he had done for the best part of the last three decades, Major Lanshear made ready to address the men before him. Facing him and the Valdor tank hunter, nostalgically referred to as Lanshear’s Lance, were quite possibly the last loyal men on Trugoy. Lanshear no longer felt the same vitriolic sense of anger towards his former compatriots that had betrayed everything they had fought, bled and died for. When the Warmaster had turned his gaze towards Trugoy and offered them the most bitter ultimatum of service or death, the support for Horus’ incomprehensible turn against the Emperor from his beloved 51st Nasian regiment was almost total. That anger had been smothered by necessity, lest he and those he trusted to have remained loyal to the Emperor of mankind be found by the purgation squads formed by the turncoat regimental command. In an attempt to prove their support to the distant Warmaster, General Gordenson had ordered his subordinates to round up the voices of dissent and publicly display the price of their lingering loyalty. There were rumours aplenty of the fates of those soldiers. None had been confirmed, but they hadn’t been seen again.

Operating under a shroud of secrecy to communicate with the few loyalists remaining within the ranks of the 51st, Lanshear had done his best to coordinate a small but effective resistance. Over time, and while enduring and evading the auspices of the newly-instated enforcers, Lanshear’s anger turned to the most bitter disappointment. Disappointment in his fellow man, disappointment in the Warmaster and, if he was honest, disappointment that the Emperor appeared to be doing little to defend that which he had asked his vast armies of men and women to conquer. Despite his considerable efforts to covertly form a force strong enough to send a message to the Warmaster that the 51st would never be entirely his, Lanshear’s will was draining by the day.

The arrival of a XIXth Legionary changed everything. The major had fought alongside Space Marines before on three previous campaigns, but coming face to face with one of the fabled Raven Guard in the cramped confines of the Valdor was… surreal. Under the guise of maintaining the old war machine, Lanshear had been using the somewhat-outdated but powerful and fully functional comms array to send communiques to other loyalist cells. The major hadn’t even realised there was another soul present in the old storage bay the Valdor was now kept in, let alone within the tank itself. Without preamble or introduction, the Legionary spoke the words that Lanshear most desperately needed to hear. The Emperor is with you, and so is the XIXth Legion.

The Raven Guard were peerless guerrilla fighters, and had much advice to offer Major Lanshear. Assisting him in his gathering of loyalists and equipment, Lanshear’s spirits soared, and he dared hope that he might gain a modicum of honour back for the 51st yet. Soon he had the makings of a Tercio under his command – thirty good men, outwardly loyal to the new regime but all of them the Emperor’s men at heart. The veterans were made honorary Veletaris, and through methods not made clear to Lanshear the Raven guard made sure several crates of powerful volkite chargers were provided for the burgeoning resistance force. The lasrifles they had were old but well serviced, and would do well for the line infantry. Lanshear told his contact in the XIXth that would visit him every two days that he had two tank commanders available, that if given operational tanks would prove their worth well in the coming fight. The next day, two Leman Russ Vanquishers were found to be operating below acceptable fighting standard during drills and consequently sent for servicing to the embedded Mechanicum pits. They never arrived at the Mechanicum service-pits. That was baffling enough for the Quartermaster, but what was doubly infuriating was the further loss of two Dracosan transports. How do tanks just disappear, he yelled at the Magos when questioned about the delay in delivery of the tanks.

It would only be a matter of time until Command issued a full search of the city to find the supplies that were surreptitiously going missing, and Lanshear knew the time to act would be soon. What Lanshear didn’t expect was the Mechanicum’s willingness to get involved. In order to assert their authority and perhaps to prove themselves to their fully-human commanders, the Archmagos present declared a full mobilisation of the Knight house to scour the cityscape for the missing tanks. Leaning on the cupola of his Lance, Lanshear extolled with great passion the virtue of fighting for the immortal soul not only of the 51st but of everything mankind had fought this far for. With a heart-filled cheer, the loyalists gathered their courage for what looked to be their last stand. The men did not feel resignation over their fates however, but honour. Better to die proudly, fighting, than die remembered as traitors.

The battle did not last long. With the hope of taking down the commanding Knight, the loyal men of the 51st put everything they had into making their mark. The Vanquishers held off three towering Knights, offering Lanshear the opportunity to isolate the imposing Lancer bearing down upon the infantry. In the shadows around the colossal feet of the Knights XIXth Legionaries could fleetingly be seen. The actinic flash of multimeltas from their camouflaged Rhino transports lanced into the Knights, searing plates from their armoured legs. One Legionary landed a titanic punch with an oversized fist against the pneumatic pistons in the mechanical beast’s ankle. A truly valiant effort, all for nothing when the Knight lifted its foot to send it crashing down again and again on the Space Marines. Charging forwards deceptively fast for such vast machines, the Knights absorbed the repeated shots from the Dracosans and the Lance, and caught the tanks in close combat. Leaping clear from the destroyed transports, the morale of the men was further punished when it became obvious that small arms fire was barely registering to the corrupt pilots within the terrifying walkers. The Knights stepped on the men like they weren’t even there, fixated only on the destruction of Lanshear’s Lance.

Seeing their opportunity, the Vanquishers turned their attention from the Knights in front of them to those in pursuit of their prize, The Lance. Exposing their vulnerable armour, the commanders loosed one last volley at the Knight Lancer, the enemy commander. Gauging holes in its steel pauldrons, the damage proved to be merely superficial. An Atrapos that had borne the brunt of their first volley lined up its fearsome graviton cannon and exerted an invisible but unstoppable crushing force upon the noble tanks, claiming their deaths for the Warmaster. Understanding that the end had come, Lanshear ordered all power be diverted to the neutron laser drive at the heart of The Lance. With the imminent meltdown of the nuclear powersource, Lanshear opened his cupola to bellow his final defiance at the traitorous Knights bearing down upon him. Eager to see his enemy come closer so he might have a chance at taking the hated enemy commander with him, his challenge was met.

Three Knights surrounded the Valdor, red laser-like lenses opening and focusing on him. Simultaneously, they raised their gargantuan close combat weapons, and drew them down upon him. Coring the tank through, Lanshear’s challenge had it’s desired effect. The nuclear powerplant went critical, and for a brief second the power of a star erupted in the city. Weathering the nigh-irresistible forces unwittingly unleashed, the commanding Knight deflected the heat and energy with his ion shield. Unable to withstand such punishment without such an impenetrable form of armour, one of the Knights exploded, taking a manufactorum with it.

And so with Lanshear’s last stand ended the honourable legacy of the 51st Nasian.

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