The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 416.009.M31
Sub-Sector:Golloch Cluster
System: Paradiso System
Planet: Paradisum Mundi
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5

Welcome to the fifth month of the SECOND GOLLOCH WAR!

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Loyalists Involved In The Conflict



Traitors Involved In The Conflict







In the age before the coming of the Imperium Paradisum Mundi was an eden world, perfect in every respect. Originally terraformed by pre-imperial colonists, most probably as a recreation world, in more recent times it has seen intense fighting that has severely damaged the planet. Paradisum Mundi is now the antithesis of its former self; once lush woodlands have been reduced to ash piles by atomics, oceans that teemed with life have been scorched from the surface leaving endless bone yards stretching to the horizon broken only by twisted reminders of the planet's past glory.

The secret of Paradisum Mundi’s splendour; the terraforming archeotech hidden below the planet’s surface is now the prize for whichever side manages to wrest control from the other. These ancient relics are hidden kilometres below the planet's surface in enormous vaults where they can draw endless geothermic power. This technology is far beyond anything the Mechanicum currently understands, however ancient records show that Paradisum Mundi was a barren rock before the machines set to work. They have the potential to mould any world to the will of their controller provided the secrets of the machines can be harnessed.

The War for Paradise

Battle Summary

June - The Loaded Dice

Now that war has once more returned to Paradisum Mundi, both sides have deployed their most powerful engines of destruction to the dust bowls of dead oceans crushing the twisted remains of the once verdant world underfoot, while small insertion forces have made their way below the surface into the vault network, fighting brutal close quarter skirmishes and holding onto every inch of ground and scrap of archeotech.

How Do I Take Part?

Setup an Aus30k account for your army, find someone to play and choose a game type from the list below, all of these have been formulated to simulate the fighting on Paradisum Mundi. Once you’ve played your game, upload a skirmish report here!

You can lodge Skirmish Reports for your games here:

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Suggested Games

To simulate the brutal warfare that has overtaken Paradisum Mundi we suggest that you choose one of the game modes below, however you can play any type of 30k and count it towards this month’s campaign.

Apocalypse Now!

The fighting on the surface of Paradisum Mundi is some of the most brutal and destructive recorded during the 2nd Golloch War. Both sides deployed vast resources in an effort to take control of the terraforming archeotech hidden below the surface.

- To simulate these titanic clashes we suggest playing games of 5000 points or more per side, the bigger the better!

- Both sides should have access to superheavy war machines, knights and titans were deployed in large numbers during the conflict and should be a mainstay for any army fighting on Paradiso Mundi

- Use the below points of interest as well as the warzone traits.

Centurion/ ZM in the Vault Network

The underground vaults that house the terraforming archeotech stretch under the surface of Paradiso Mundi. The vault network can be represented by playing either ZM or Centurion games. Additionally use the points of interest for Paradisum Mundi, and the Vault Network warzone traits.

Warzone Traits

Surface Traits

- Unexploded Ordnance:​ The surface is littered with relics of past battles, in any game where objectives are used, roll a D6 the first time they are captured each battle. On a roll of 5-6 it turns out there is more than an objective point. Place the large blast template over the point and scatter 2D6”, everything under the template takes a S6 AP4 hit.

- Rad contamination:​ Any infantry unit not wearing hardened armour (or worse than 2+ armour) or not in a transport gains a rad counter each turn they are on the battlefield, once the rad counters equal the unit’s toughness value every model in the unit must take a toughness test each turn before the movement phase. A failed toughness test causes a wound with no armour, cover saves allowed. For every counter over a unit’s toughness value, impose a +1 penalty on the toughness test.The radiation counter is accrued at the end of the player's turn.

- Superheavy duels:​ In games where players are using superheavies, these units must attack opposing superheavies before other units if they are in range and able to do so.

- Superheavy reserves​: Due to the toxic nature on the surface of Paradisum Mundi only the most heavily armoured units are able to survive for long periods. As such any force operating receives a single extra Lord of Ward slot on their force organisation chart.

Vault Network Traits

- Use the hardcore ZM rules for all ZM and Centurion games played inside the vault network

Points of interest

On top of the previous missions being played out, the Loyalist and Traitors alike are seeking out further information about the Golloch Cluster and specifically the archeotech terraforming facilities below the surface of Paradisum Mundi.

In games set during Paradisum Lost, you may use the Points of Interest system! Before each Age of Darkness game roll a D6 (D3 +1 for ZM games), and place that many 'Point of Interest' markers. These should be 25-40mm in size. Once a unit ends their movement phase within 1" of one of these markers, roll a D12 and consult the chart below.

NPCs - Some points of interest aren't merely traps or information, some are living humans who have to be kept safe and extracted off world. These characters will join your party, they all have the 'Independent Character' rule and can join your units. These NPCs do not cost any points and can be used in the campaign until they are slain at which point they are removed from your army list.

Explorers - Vigilators, Legion Recon, Militia Recon, Strategos - these units along with any unit equipped with an augery scanner may roll two dice and choose which result to use.

1 - Vault Survivor!

The unit comes across a nomad caught in the crossfire, one of the few who call Paradisum Mundi home. Place a human sized model (or anything else suitable) within 3" of the marker and take a LD test, if you pass the test the Vault Survivor joins your army, if failed he joins your opponents army. Their stats are:
Vault Survivor
Ws Bs S T W I A LD
3  4  3 3 1 3 2  8
Special Rules: Independent character, Move through cover, Shrouded, Rad suit (see strategems), Plasma gun, demo charge, 3+ armour

2 - Mutie Scum!

The unit stumbles across a group of grotesque mutants, warped beyond humanity by the radiation and dark forces at play on Paradisum Mundi, the tortured souls immediately attack. Place D6+1 Mutants in combat with the unit, they count as charging, Their stats are:
Ws Bs S T W I A LD
2  1  3 4 1 2 2  6
Special Rules: Rage, hatred, Stubborn, 6+ armour

3 - Rad Pocket

Over time, certain areas of Paradisum have collected a higher proportion of radioactive dust and detritus; sink holes, hollows etc Your unit has unwittingly walked into one.

All members of the unit are at -1T for the remainder of the game.

4 - Sanctioned Weapons Cache

Paradisum Mundi has been fought over for generations, in many cases sanctioned weapons have been unleashed to devastating effect. Your unit has stumbled across an unused cache of these weapons.

The unit gains D3 phosphex grenades, 1 demo charge that is strength D, and all close combat attacks from the unit are now Flesh Bane. However being exposed to such dangerous weapons takes a toll, at the end of the game the unit is considered destroyed for KP or VP purposes.

5 - Worm Tunnels

Paradisum Mundi is home to a wide variety of fauna that have adapted to living on this hellish planet, one such creature is the Vermis Inferni Paradisi a giant burrowing worm the size of a mastodon transport. These worms carve out giant networks of tunnels across the planet, in many cases these can be used to great effect by warring armies, in other cases the soldiers end up as worm food.

The unit may choose to be placed in on going reserve immediately, if so roll a D6 on a 1 the unit has walked in the maw of a giant worm and is destroyed, on any other roll the unit may deploy using deep strike the next turn with no scatter.

6 - Entrance to the vault network

Your unit has found exactly what it was looking for; an entry way to the vaults beneath the surface. This POI marker is now an objective worth 3VP.

7 - Void shield Harness

Due to the destructive nature of the weapons deployed to Paradisum Mundi, many forces have employed extra protective items such as this small void shield harness. The unit counts as having the Jury Rigged Void Shield stratagem.

8 - Combat Stims

Many forces utilise a wide variety of chemical stimulants to increase their combat effectiveness. Your unit has found a cache of such items, roll a D6 and consult the table below:

1- The stims are passed their used by date making them poisonous, take a toughness test for every model in the unit, remove any model that fails this test. 2- The unit adds +1 S 3- The unit gains rage but must move and sweeping advance towards the nearest enemy unit 4- The unit gains +2I 5- The unit gains FNP 4+ 6- The unit gains every benefit above, but must undertake the toughness test at the end of every combat phase.

9 - Fallen Angel

No one has been able to account for the creation or placement of these machines upon the surface of Paradisum Mundi. These ancient robots are theorised to be the original protectors of the terraforming archeotech hidden beneath the surface, only now they have been corrupted by some malicious influence. Your unit has unearthed a Fallen Angel, place a suitable robotic/ dreadnought sized (60mm base) model within 3" of the unit. Roll a LD test, on a successful test the unit becomes part of your army, on a failed roll it is considered hostile to all units on the table. Their stats are:
Fallen Angel
Ws Bs S T W I A LD
5  5  6 6 4 3 3  10
Special Rules: MC, Rage, fearless, FNP 5+, 3+ armour, 2 Multilasers, 1 las cutter

10 - Relic

Your unit has unearthed a relic from pre-imperial times. This is worth 1VP, and allows you to immediately choose from the relics within the appropriate army list for your army if there is a character or IC in the unit.

11 - Terraforming Archeotech

You have stumbled across a great prize; part of the terraforming archeotech. You gain 3VP and the following special rule:

Grav Displacement: The unit has a 3+ Invul. save, if it is passed the unit is instantly scattered 4D6" away from its current position, this may take a unit out of combat or into combat (doesn't count as charging). If the unit cannot be placed due to terrain place it in the nearest available free space. The unit may operate as normal afterwards.

12 - Omega switch

Your unit has unwittingly triggered a hidden seismic booby trap, left behind by the original architects of Paradisum Mundi.

Roll a scatter dice, draw a 2inch wide line through the POI marker from board edge to board edge following the path of the scatter dice arrow. All models along this line must pass an Initiative test or be removed from play, Invul. saves may be taken. Vehicles are hit by D3 Strength D hits.


- Radiation Suits: 1 stratagem point: At the end of the player's turn roll a d6, on a roll of 3+ a radiation counter is not accrued by the unit equipped with the radiation suit. If the roll is ever failed the suit is considered to have failed and the save can’t be repeated for the rest of the game.

- Jury Rigged Void Shield: 2 Stratagem Points: Allocated to a single super heavy vehicle. This stratagem confers a single AV 12 void shield that regenerates if destroyed at the end of the players turn on a 4+. If a 1 is rolled the void shield generator explodes inflicting 1 automatic haywire hit on the vehicle. This hit ignores special rules that ignore haywire such as those possessed by titans.

- Machine Killers: 2 Stratagem points: Allocated to a single super heavy vehicle equipped with a D-Weapon. The unit may add +1 when rolling to damage an enemy super-heavy on the D-weapon damage table (1 Use only and must be declared before the shot is fired)

- Camo netting: 1 Stratagem points: Can be bought for any superheavy vehicle, as long as this vehicle doesn't move or fire any weapons it gains +1 to its cover save

- AT Mines: 2 Stratagem points: Place D6+1 mine tokens (28mm base works well) these can be placed within your DZ or No Mans Lands, these have the profile of a melta bomb and are set off if a Vehicle moves within 3 inches of them. Immediately resolve the hit against the closest armour facing (hits automatically).

- Expert Crews: 1 Stratagem points: Can be purchased for any vehicle or super heavy (+1 Strategem point); the vehicle may fire overwatch shots with any weapon as long as it is S8 or less and not a blast weapon.

- Reinforced Fox Holes: 1 Stratagem points: Add +1 to the cover save afforded by any piece of battlefield terrain, this cannot be used on fortifications you have purchased for your army.

- Titan Hunter: 2 Stratagem points:Can be purchased for any non-superheavy vehicle unit. This unit may reroll hits and penetration rolls against superheavy vehicles.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1496590785 L-XIII-4737 Traitor
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1496599183 L-XIII-4737 Alpha Legion Loyalist
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1496796197 A-MECH-0582 Custodes Unresolved
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1496892525 Suspected Alpha Legion L-VII-2023 Traitor
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1497064269 Iron Warriors L-VII-7184 Traitors
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1497064379 L-X-6344 L-XIV-3076 Loyalists
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1497064465 L-XIV-3076 L-XIV-6515 Loyalist
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1497074903 L-III-8103 L-X-6344 Traitors
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1497131555 L-XIX-1853 L-III-5010 Loyalist
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1497131718 L-III-5010 L-XIX-1853 Unresolved
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1498001298 L-XIV-4268 Solar Auxillia Traitor
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1498339450 L-X-1366 Loyalists
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1498574010 A-MECH-1524 L-XIV-4268 Loyalist
The Second Golloch War~Paradisum Lost~1498733567 Q-KNT-1481 A-MECH-1524 Traitor

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Battle Pictures