The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 668.009.M31
Sub-Sector:Golloch Cluster
System: Sterith
Planet: Sterith Prime
Victor: Undecided
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict





Traitors Involved In The Conflict





Battle Summary

September - Combat Phase The end began with a single gunshot. Planetary Governor Kabe, conducting an official visit to one of the many camps outside the capital city, was addressing a crowd of fearful, hungry refugees. Before he had finished his first sentence, a man stepped out from the crowd, raised an autopistol and fired a single shot. The Governor died instantly. The killer was himself shot dead by local troopers but could not be identified post-mortem - he had seemingly arrived only a few days previously on a refugee ship and his only identifying feature was a strange serpentine tattoo.

Soon after, as though the shot had been heard out in the deep void, dozens of warp signatures were detected entering the system.

The population of Sterith Prime was bloated now by many millions of terrified off-worlders. All aspects of infrastructure were stretched to breaking point. Sterith had never possessed powerful orbital defences and the planetary defence auxilia was spread perilously thin policing refugee camps. Furthermore, the death of the Governor had thrown the command structure into utter chaos.

This world was to be a sacrifice and it would not be allowed to die quickly. No swift death in the fires of orbital bombardment for these people. On Sterith Prime the very worst of the traitors would be set loose to do as they pleased - the murderers of the VIIIth, the butchers of the XIIth, the diabolists of the XVIIth... and more besides.

But the Golloch Cluster had not been abandoned by the loyal forces of the Imperium and the last astropathic distress calls sent out before the death of the Sterith choir did not go unheeded...

How Do I Take Part?

To take part in this campaign all you need to do is play one or more games of Warhammer 30k; Horus Heresy, and lodge a skirmish report on this site. You'll want to create an account too so you can track your victories and defeats in the campaign, as well as publish background for your army and Warlord!

Once this phase of the campaign starts you can lodge Skirmish Reports for your games here:

Suggested Games

That the slaughter at Sterith Prime was great cannot be denied… but what was the ultimate outcome?!

Were the wicked forces of the warmaster sent back into the darkness from whence they came? Were the valiant loyalists that heeded the cry for help able to stop the great cull? Were the people saved?!

You must decide!

At the end of each weekend in September (10th, 17th and 24th), we will update the campaign page with new special rules to represent the progress made by each side! Games of any size and shape can be played as part of The Culling of Sterith Prime but we think it would be most appropriate to use the Centurion discipline to better represent the types of forces that both loyalists and traitors committed. Basically, this means limiting your armies to Infantry, Walkers, and Speeders, and using the SHADOW WARS missions.


“Colonel Hellespont knew now that they would never make it to the spaceport - the sick and wounded now outnumbered the able bodied 7:1. He scratched at the boils around his neck - appearing always in clusters of three - and wondered how long it would be until the next attack. The demons (for what else could they be) had come during the night and though his men had tried to protect the ailing refugee column it had been a futile effort. For whatever reason, the monsters had departed at first light but it only delayed the inevitable.

Sporadic vox traffic told an equally grim tale of the Southern and Eastern provinces. A few loyalist elements fought on, valiantly selling their lives to buy time for the people but their numbers were waning. A distress call from Captain Windradyne had gone unanswered, leaving his PDF troopers to face a Mechanicum kill-clade alone. There had also been reports of a major armour engagement in the lava fields to the far North but the outcome was unclear… certainly it had not been the miraculous, decisive victory that the people needed.

It was getting dark again. That didn't seem right… his chrono had stopped working, the arms stuck at 07:00, but it couldn’t be later than midday. Hellespont checked his weapon, the ammo counter showed seven rounds left. He spared his squad a glance, seven of them still stood but they looked to be in even worse shape than he. He braced himself for whatever was coming.

Week 3 saw the traitors hold their lead, loyalist victories are becoming rare and increasingly pyrrhic as more and more civilians are taken by the traitors!

Some slight changes to the special rules are included below to represent this.

The following rules take effect for the next stage of the campaign:

Plague-ridden Mobs:

Due to the nature of the traitor attacks on Sterith and the influx of Gollochian refugees, civilians were present (and apprehending them for sinister purposes was often the primary objective for the traitors) during many of the engagements that took place. By the Third week of the battle, the plagues had spread far and wide across the surface of Sterith Prime. There were few able bodied civilians remaining and those that had not been sacrificed by the traitors were now growing increasingly sickly...

When using this special rule, each objective instead represents a Plague-ridden Gollochian Mob. As long as the Mob is not controlled (i.e. the objective is not controlled) by the traitor player it will move D6 inches per (game) turn. The loyalist player moves the Mobs at the start of his movement phase. When a loyalist unit moves to control one of these objectives the loyalist player must roll a D3 and consult the chart below:

1: Abomination! As the smoke clears, the loyalist troops discover that this is not a group of civilians at all! Replace the objective with 3 Nurgling bases or 10 Plaguebearers, these are now under the control of the traitor player. 2 -3: These civilians are clear of infection and are worth victory points as normal.

Mobs can’t move off the table, even though they would probably be wise to do so.

Mobs of civilians should be represented by a group of terrified humans on a 60mm base (anything roughly equivalent, such as a poker chip, can be used if you’re not feeling creative).

The Sons of heresy podcast will also be holding a painting/modelling competition for best Terrified Gollochian Mob so get cracking and send us pictures!

The Veil Parts:

The Culling of Sterith Prime was not without purpose. As the Warmaster and his followers delved progressively deeper into dark secrets of the warp they gained increasingly reliable access to Daemonic forces. Despite the interference of the loyalist forces, the servants of the Warmaster reaped a terrible tally of souls in the early days of the battle...

All Traitor Psykers have access to the Malefic Daemonology discipline.

If agreed by your opponent, traitor armies may include a single FREE unit of lesser Daemons.

Thousand Sons may only summon/take Tzeentch Daemons.

Death Guard may only summon/take Nurgle Daemons - this may only be done of Mortarion is not present.

Emperors Children may only summon/take Slaanesh Daemons.

World Eaters may not summon and may only take Khorne Daemons, obviously.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1504652880 L-XX-3358 L-XIV-4268 Loyalist
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1505005965 Imperial Fists, Dark Angels and Mechanicum L-XIV-4268, Sons of Horus, Thousand Sons, and Mechanicum Loyalist
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1505023120 A-MECH-4536 Traitor Militia Loyalist
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1505066825 L-III-5010 L-XIX-1853 Traitor
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1505290871 I-ARMY-3382 A-MECH-0582 Loyalist
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1505291189 L-XIV-4268 I-ARMY-3394 Traitor
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1505693496 L-XIV-4268 L-VII-2023 Mutual Annihilation
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1505830918 L-XIV-4268 A-MECH-1524 Traitor
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1505831263 A-MECH-0582 I-ARMY-3382 Traitor
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1505845358 Alpha Legion Cell 17 Blood Angels & Thousand Sons Traitor
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1506035625 L-VII-5517 Death Guard Loyalist
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1506348810 L-X-1366 Traitor
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1506476822 I-ARMY-3382 A-MECH-0582 Loyalist
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1506476993 A-MECH-0582 I-ARMY-3382 Traitor
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1506861481 L-XIV-4268 L-VII-2023 Traitor
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1506861644 A-MECH-0582 I-ARMY-3382 Traitor
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1508470773 L-VII-5110 L-VIII-2827 Loyalists
The Second Golloch War~The Culling of Sterith Prime~1508471632 L-XIII-1264 L-XX-2062 Loyalist

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Battle Pictures