The Tomb of Galahad

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The Tomb of Galahad

Honour Badge:

The Device of Galahad



Campaign Detail

Date Commenced: 071.010.M31
Date Concluded:
Outcome: Minor Traitor Victory
Sub-Sector: Helix Cluster
System: AL-NH-1574
Location: System Wide


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict

























Traitors Involved In The Conflict























Campaign Summary

Prelude to War

Sometime before the Heresy erupted throughout the Imperium, Crusade Fleet 1574 was recorded to have refitted and prepared for deep space travel at the Savage Naval Yards in the Savage Reach Sub-Sector. Shortly after a small notation was recorded in the Kildrech System status report of the Fleet passing through their system and meeting up with an Expeditionary fleet led by Rogue Trader Castus Tharr before exiting the Sub-Sector all together.

The fleets traversed an, as yet, unexplored Warp lane which led to a highly isolated Sub-Sector, latter named the Helix Cluster. While Castus and his expeditionary fleet established a base of operations on the world of Corabie, the first system linking to the Warp Lane, Crusade Fleet 1574 prepared to continue its exploration of the Sub-Sector. Before leaving the Corabie System however, the Fleet laid down a series of transmission buoys leading back to the Savage Reach in order to overcome communication difficulties experienced by the unstable and unusually long Warp Lane, something which proved to be a prophetic action in the next few years. Unbeknownst to Imperial forces within the Helix Cluster, the Heresy had erupted within the Imperium, before news could spread to the remote outpost, warp storms closed the already unstable lane back to Savage Reach, severing the forces connection with the greater Imperium except for one-way status reports sent via the buoys.

Leaving Castus to establish his capital Fleet 1574 pushed deeper into the Cluster, sending scouting ships to all of the far flung stars but finding little of note except for those located closest to the core of the spiral. One such desolate system, designated AL-NH-1574, was ear marked for further investigation due to the presence of a gas giant which may provide valuable resources for the Sub-Sectors growing infrastructure, even with a harsh F-Class star. As the Fleet moved on, a splinter outrider task-force was sent to conduct the investigation, traversing the wild space between systems and engaging the few remaining Xenos hold outs this close to Corabie relative space.

Arriving in-system at AL-NH-1574, the task-force conducted a high level scouting of the solitary planet, declaring it compliant after finding no life signs, designating the gas giant 1574-78. A closer investigation of the planet then commenced to determine the viability of mining operations in and around the planet, it was then that the task-force discovered the Ark.

Situated in a Lissajous orbit at Lagrange point 2 between the planet and its star, a massive Ark Mechanicus ship lay seemingly dormant. Previously undetected because of it powered down state and hidden from general view by its stationary orbit so close to the planet the ship would have continued to have gone buried had it not been for the task-forces closer inspection. Having been notified of the find, the main Crusade Fleet began a lumbering reversal of their path to return to this momentous discovery, although it would be years before they arrived due ongoing Xenos resistance.

In the meantime the task-force began preliminary investigations of the ship. Massive in size, stretching many kilometers, the Mechanicus vessel dwarfed even the largest Battleships in the Fleet, such were the nature of these rare behemoths. Unable to raise any form of response from communications but confirming that there was still power via the observation of stabilisation thrusters keeping it in orbit, the task-force opted to establish a small station some distance away from the Ark for safety.

In the time waiting for the main Fleet, Klevestav Station grew as the outpost became more permanent and scouting expeditions were sent into the Ark. During the time though, very little was found, the ship was far too large for such a small force to fully secure and explore and most of the vessel was in some form of lock down. By the time the Fleet arrived all that had been confirmed was a number of main boarding points had been mapped and that there was no sign of the Ark’s crew or what had happened to them. The ships name though had been uncovered; Galeas, an ancient version of the mythical Terran Knight better known as Galahad. Confirming the find, the Fleet commander sent the news back to the Imperium; such a miracle find would surely attract a lot of attention!

The attention the message received, however, was not what he had anticipated. Sending the report through standard Imperial Crusade encryption over the open communication buoys, the commander had no idea that such forms of secrecy was no longer used as both sides of the Heresy had the means of decryption. Both factions did indeed receive, decrypt and digest the message and its potential. The discovery of an intact, functional Ark Mechanicus was nearly unheard of. The technology and firepower contained within such ships would rival most things that the Imperium could deploy even during this powerful age, but more importantly, the potential for STC fragments was high.

Responding to the broadcast, both factions mobilised huge fleets in the Australis Ultima Sector and deployed to Helix Cluster using the buoys as anchor points in the warp storms. Engaging each other at Corabie and clashing with the incumbent Rogue Trader Governor, smaller fleets broke away to make the push to AL-NH-1574.

Upon translating into System, Crusade Fleet 1574 only had time to send a single welcoming message before the two arriving forces opened fire on each to the horror and bewilderment of the garrisoned imperial forces.

The Heresy had come to the Helix Cluster.

A shadows perspective

As the final salvos from the Traitors fleet crippled the remaining Loyalists cruisers covering the main forces retreat the hooded Watcher began to move. Sliding past the lifeless bodies of hundreds of Astartes and their allies trapped in a perpetual orbit of the mighty Ark the Watcher took stock.

The discovery of the Ark had been unforeseen, they had not considered the possibility that instead of fleeing with the other ships they had instead hidden it away from them. With its re-emergence however it changed little except and opportunity to accelerate the time frame. Triggering the conflict between the Imperial forces had required little manipulation; a spark to a fuel soaked tinder stack. Controlling the course of the conflict however proved impossible.

During the initial stages of the battle, where neither side had gained an upper hand, movement through the warzones was an easy matter. The chaos and carnage had allowed the Watcher to move freely and search for clues, but time was not co-operating and the forces began to consolidate their hold on areas. At first it was only the Inner Hull and the Ships Auxiliary Bridge held by those who followed the Warmaster while the Outer Hull was rapidly secured by the Loyalist forces.

The loss of access to the Auxiliary Bridge systems had hampered the Watcher, without time to search for another access point the investigation had to be continued using alternative methods. The possibility of the Imperial forces using the Bridge systems for a similar purpose was dismissed as officer after officer blindly pushed buttons with little regard. The ensuing pandemonium as Communications were shut down, point defence guns began firing and even ship wide shut downs alleviated some of the Strangers movement constraints. The loss of the Agri deck as it was turned into a volcanic wasteland was regrettable, the food stuff it could have provided would have been beneficial for the coming campaign.

The discovery of the cache, however, came too late as the Warmasters forces secured the Observation Dome and its treasures moments before the Stranger became aware of its location. With the fighting dying down in that and other decks, movement began to become difficult and gaining access to the main repository was impossible. Taking note of which faction within the Traitors had sent forces into the building, the Stranger had withdrawn.

Shaking itself from its reverie, a very much human habit it had adopted, the Stranger continued to move across the outer hull of the ship, avoiding the numerous Loyalist forces now consolidating their hold. It seemed that the Imperial staging post which they had built had too fallen to the Loyalists but without control of the systems space lanes, which the Traitors now had, the entire area would be a stalemate for weeks. The perfect situation for the next phase.

Nodding to itself and wringing its cowled hands, another human aspect it had taken on, the Stranger boarded his shuttle clamped to the darkside of the Arks hull and began its slow, shadowy journey back to its own forces.

Battle Reports

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Battle Name Date Location Battle Outcome Battle Summary
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy 071.010.M31 System Wide Loyalist Victory

As the final salvos from the Traitors fleet crippled the remaining Loyalists cruisers covering the main forces retreat the hooded Watcher began to move. Sliding past the lifeless bodies of hundreds ..→

Skirmish Reports

Skirmish Designation Victor Opponent Outcome
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518928349 L-XVII-1118 L-VI-0136
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518929285 L-V-5860 L-XIV-1182
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518929334 L-XIII-5386 L-XX-1183
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518929384 L-XX-3187 L-III-5069
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518929428 L-I-4811 A-MECH-3198
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518929474 L-XVII-1118 L-IV-4190
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518929529 L-XIV-1182 L-V-5860
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518929572 L-XX-1183 L-III-5069
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518929618 L-XIII-5386 L-XX-3187
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518929660 A-MECH-3198 L-XII-5901
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518929702 L-I-4811 L-XVIII-7498
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518929890 T-CUST-4088 L-I-1179
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518929934 L-XII-1974 L-XX-4256
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518929972 L-IV-4190 L-XVI-1564
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518930378 A-MECH-8213 L-XII-1995
The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy~1518930424 L-XII-1174 L-IV-1219

Campaign Pictures