The battle for Perimeter Fort Delta Foxtrot

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 682.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Hawcinus Sub-Sector
System: Harkarialis System
Planet: Ark'alask Septimus
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict



Traitors Involved In The Conflict



Battle Summary

The sound of Volkite and Bolters fire could be heard in the distance as Captain Jericho Mayanor of the Imperial Fists 4th Company readied his men for the attack on the traitors still holding out in pockets of resistance within the fortress….

The fighting on Arkh'alask-Septimus has been going on for months. After Ferrumskrag was seized by forces loyal to the Warmaster, Dorn quickly dispatched parts of the VII legion together with other loyalist elements (mostly ragtag stragglers from the drop site massacre but also other loyalist elements), to the region. Once in the Harkarialis System the loyalists swiftly landed in the outskirts of the outer forts and started to conquer strategically important areas surrounding the Ferrumskrag.

The 4th Company of the VII Legion together with their unlikely allies in the 78th Grand Battalion of the Iron Warriors had been at the forefront of the bitter fighting. The initial loyalist wave had been successful in securing seven of the fourteen Outer Forts. But the cost had been high; the attrition has been on a massive scale with the loyalist sustaining over 75% combat related casualties. Without further reinforcements the fighting had turned into a stalemate of hellish trench warfare in close quarter conditions.

Cannons thundered in the distance signaling the start of a traitor counter attack. High explosive rounds started to burst in the loyalist positions while a bloodcurdling cry erupted from the traitor’s line as hordes of cultists and traitors began to rush towards the loyalist’s entrenchments. Captain Jericho quickly issued orders to his men and soon the air was filed with death as weapons opened up all along the loyalist’s line. The battle for Perimeter Fort Delta Foxtrot had begun….

The Imperial Fist breacher put his head up just high enough to catch a bullet right between the eyes instantly falling dead and dropping his boarding shield into the mud. Suddenly the World Eaters began dropping into the trench howling like madmen, chain axes buzzing and grinding as adamantium steel met power armor. A massive melee broke out in the ruined remains of the loyalist line. Smoke covered the fighting and shrapnel was flying through the air as the traitors siege batteries fired indiscriminately into the sea of loyalist and traitors fighting in bloody hand to hand combat among the ruins of Fort. The night sky illuminated by bolter fire and explosions mixed with the crisscrossing of tracer rounds from Iron Warrior auto-cannons.

For Dorn! Let not a single traitor live to defile the Emperor again! cried Breacher Sergeant Anthony before cutting down a World Eater with his chainsword. The cry became a rallying call for the stout Legionnaires and they fought with renewed fury, but even this was not enough to stop the World Eaters. We need to hold them here so that the Iron Warriors can regroup Captain Jericho ordered. However as soon as the order was issued the men around him was blown to pieces by bursts of heavy bolter and multi-melta fire. It was the World Eater’s reinforcements and they would ensure that every loyalist would be put to death. Taking no heed in the casualties caused by the disciplined volleys of bolter fire from the stubborn Imperial Fists, the World Eaters lead by one of their Captains smashed into the remaining outnumbered loyalist defenders. Anthony rallied his men for the onslaught, ready to die at their posts rather than face a painful and dishonorable death. He cried out a challenge to the World Eater Captain who stepped forward with a glee on his face. Anthony fought with all his skill, his brothers falling around him and managed to hold of the savage attack. Buying valuable time for the loyalists but eventually sanity seemed to return to the frothing World Eater Captain and the last thing Anthony saw was the blood drenched paragon blade as it swung down toward his head….

Having fallback to their new positions The Iron Warriors of the 78th Grand Battalion laid down withering fire upon the traitors but still they came. They ran over past the burnt out hulls of tanks and the broken bodies of the dead, through the smoke and into the fire of the well positioned Iron Warriors. The weight of fire started to take its toll on the attackers and the charge begun to falter and eventually it ended. The traitors withdrew and soon the siege artillery began to pound into the newly established loyalist lines. They had managed to fight off the traitors this time but how long will they be able to hold out? Only the Emperor knew…

In the blink of an eye it was all over, his body falling into the muddy water of a crater, his life flashing before his eyes. He saw terra and the majestic plains of the Albino highland, he saw his father and mother, a sight he has never seen after his induction into the VIIth. He took one last look at the sky. The bursting of bolter shells and tracer rounds mixed with the massive explosions from siege artillery illuminated the night sky. It was a truly beautiful sight to behold. Anthony lay there in the mud. His final thoughts were of revenge….

The Battle of Arkh’alask-Septimus would continue….

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
The battle for Perimeter Fort Delta Foxtrot~1441628239 L-IV-2336 L-XIV-2424 Loyalist
The battle for Perimeter Fort Delta Foxtrot~1441794115 L-VII-2969 L-XII-5545 Loyalist

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