Trugoy System

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Class: Hive World
System Capital



Class: Forge World

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Class: Imperial Shipyards



Class: Death World
Promethium Mines

Centrumeh Sub-Sector

The Trugoy system is a largely unremarkable Imperial outpost in a slowly developing Sub-Sector. While not as prosperous as the Sub-Sectors governing System, Centrumeh, it is considerably better off than most of the back water colonies in the other systems. The Systems capital and namesake, Trugoy, is a large desert planet dominated by a number of highly fortified Hive cities dating back to the pre-crusade era when the local human tribes warred against each other over the planets limited resources. After being brought to Compliance through a swift six month campaign in which the dominating hive was targeted by the Crusade Fleet causing the remaining factions to quickly capitulate, the System was earmarked for significant development.

The first step was the establishment of Nestro, a modest sized orbital shipyard around the systems gas giant Fuhn. While incapable of producing the large class of Battleships, the shipyard was geared towards the production of smaller escort and light Cruiser class warships and, more importantly, the ability to rapidly repair and refit existing ships. Being so close to the frontier Nestro quickly became a frequent way point for damage ships from Crusade fleets close to the Sub-Sector. To assist with the expansion of the shipyards role, a small Mechanicum force established a series of deep mining platforms, refineries and storage yards on the frozen death world of Impasse after the discovery of extensive Promethium deposits within the planet. These facilities quickly boosted the Systems trade and traffic resulting in a significant increase in the Mechanicums presence on the world in order to ensure the smooth running on the refineries and mining operations.

A polluted and ruined planet, Grox was the Systems primary manufacturing source well before compliance. Hundreds of primitive factories produce civilian goods for both the Trugoy and neighbouring systems, long ago having destroyed the planets environment, although initial analysis would indicate that the current level of production would have been nowhere near that required to create the damage caused. The next step of the Systems expansion was the proposed extension to the industrial facilities on Grox, however with the onset of the Heresy this has been shelved.

The system itself has no known affiliations with any of the Legions, its Compliance being undertaken by a splinter of the 375th Crusade Fleet made up of Imperial Army regiments. Even still the Governor was one of the first in the Sub-Sector to reaffirm his pledge of loyalty to the Emperor and Terra.

Known Planets within the System

  • Trugoy: Desert Hive World/System Capital
  • Grox: Forge World
  • Fuhn: Gas Giant
  • Nestro: Extensive Shipyard complex
  • Impasse: Frozen Mining World

Campaign Reports

The Rallying of Trugoy
Rallying of Trugoy Ribbon.jpg


The Warmasters great betrayal is announced to the galaxy with the bloody brutal ..→