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My Armies

A-MECH-0478 - H-Iota-DD Kataskopos Loyalist
A-MECH-0582 - Maldraco Manufactorum Requisition Clade Traitor
A-MECH-4488 - Gamma-E9 Lexmechanica Traitor
A-MECH-6429 - Cohort Cygnis-Gamma-8 Traitor
I-ARMY-0388 - Sporsan Field Engineers Traitor
I-ARMY-1325 - Kyshtym Volunteers Traitor
I-ARMY-3153 - Novo Saturn Promakoi Traitor
I-ARMY-3160 - Hecuban Janissaries Loyalist
I-ARMY-3330 - Daughters of Chemos Traitor
I-ARMY-3350 - The Flensing Clans Traitor
I-ARMY-3365 - The Fuschalese Insurgency Traitor
I-ARMY-3370 - The King's Own Immemorials Loyalist
I-ARMY-3382 - Sterith Southwest Planetary Defense Force Loyalist
I-ARMY-3394 - Silverfang Armsmen Unknown
I-ARMY-3407 - Araneid Commandotroepen Loyalist
I-ARMY-3438 - Araneid Hiveguard Loyalist
I-ARMY-3548 - The Sons of Liberty Unknown
I-ARMY-3620 - Araneid Militia Loyalist
L-I-0527 - The Angels of Fortitude Loyalist
L-I-2648 - The Angels of Despair Undecided
L-III-5682 - The Black's Bladesworn Loyalist
L-VIII-0498 - Night Lords 41st Company "The Scarlet Talon" Traitor
L-XIV-0458 - 16th Destroyer Corps Traitor
L-XIV-4268 - Unit 137 Traitor
L-XIV-6483 - Redemption Command XIV-13 Loyalist
L-XV-1589 - Naram-Sin Expeditionary Force Undecided
L-XV-2623 - The Akousmatikoi Loyalist
L-XVII-2572 - Chapter of the Bloodstone Circle Traitor
L-XX-3358 - The Disruptors Unknown
Q-KNT-1481 - Scions of Baroda (House Makabius) Traitor
Q-KNT-5543 - Ser Aramis' Rout Loyalist
X-ELDAR-1515 - 'The Glass Blade' Xenos

Blog Posts

Blog Posts

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Just another very quick update as Sirrob and I plod away at the website coding and functions; you can now direct link images rather than having to upload them to the site!

This function works as

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