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Australis UIltima Sector Status

Army Spotlights

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Hecuban Janissary.JPG

After the Hecuban Conformity was brought to compliance by the 81st Expeditionary Fleet, large numbers of the surviving military were emplyed as auxillia by the Imperial Fists under Sigismund. The troops hailing from the Hecuban outer world of Nova Titan were of especially high utility, as that moon is a frozen, deadly poisonous ice world, with hydrocarbon seas and water ice as bedrock. The Hecuban troops therefore had long experience in ..more..

Global Heresy Systems

Cambrius Minor

Cambrius Minor.png

Shortly after Compliance of the System, the Imperium sent hundreds of colony habitats to the world to setup an extensive mining operation, which, ever since, has been growing quite rapidly. Although ..more..

Only recently settled after Compliance of the system discovered vast veins of Adamantium winding their way through the planet. The growth of the planets infrastructure and population has been ..more..

Loyalist Planet Influence: 8

Traitor Planet Influence: 10



Even with the relatively recent elevation to Sub-Sector Governor, Cambrius has maintained a population of around 1 Billion people scattered across the planet in well planned rural cities, allowing ..more..

A rarity in most space faring worlds, Cambrius managed to maintain a highly efficient resource management regime throughout its growth and resisted the tempation of over industrialisation or over ..more..

Loyalist Planet Influence: 51

Traitor Planet Influence: 34

Outpost Cambrius

Space Station.png

Although largely automated, the station still houses a generous population of servitors and serfs numbering close to fifty thousand. These menials man the systems which keep the station operational ..more..

Once of the legacies of the pre compliance system Kingdoms, the listening stations are a common feature of many of the Systems in the Sub-Sector, a custom which allowed each faction to eavesdrop and ..more..

Loyalist Planet Influence: 0

Traitor Planet Influence: 0

Basic Training
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