Waacos System

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Orbit Path Three
þungur Metallikos
þungur Metallikos

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þungur Metallikos:

Class: Hive World
System Capital

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Class: Imperial Shipyards

Centrumeh Sub-Sector

The first region of the Centrumeh Sub-Sector to feel the Traitors' fury in the birth years of the Horus Heresy was the Waacos System. The System was, at the time, famed for both its industrial output, extensive Hive complexes and its massive space borne shipyard; Gospel. Due to this the system had proven a key factor in the supply and expansion of the Imperium, both across the Centrumeh Sub-Sector and the central part of the Australis UIltima Sector. These factors made it a prime target for attack, as the warp route access through the star system -known to many Navigators- was still yet clear of turbulence, making it a welcome avenue of escape by fleeing Loyalist forces retreating from the catastrophe at Istvaan as well as reinforcements sent from Terra and other Loyalist strongholds.

Known Planets within the System