Walkers Gambit

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Walkers Gambit
System Capital


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Savage Reach


Johannes-Walker System


Agri World






Type Standard iron/silicate

Mass 1.14 x 1025 kg

Density 6.27 g/cm3

Composition 40.8% magnesium, 25.4% iron, 14.1% oxygen, 13.5% silicon, 2.2% calcium, 2.0% other metals, 2.1% other elements


Gravity 13.23 m/s2

Escape Velocity 14.16 km/s

Rotation Period 23.17 hours

Axis Tilt 57.77 °


Type Standard reducing

Pressure 129.3 kPa

Composition 46.1% nitrogen, 29.1% argon, 24.7% oxygen, trace other gases


Data Unavailable.


An almost exact opposite to Johannes Jaunt. Walkers gambit is a world consisting mainly of huge land masses and very small landlocked seas. It has a breathable atmosphere and was human habitable upon discovery. It was soon found that it’s soil was heavily laden with many minerals perfect for plant growth, but due to its relative lack of water any vegetation was sparse, hardy and useless. After only a very short term of terraforming and truly colossal amounts of water being transferred to it from Johannes Jaunt, the world has become a verdant greenhouse. Most of its massive plains are given over to production of high yield food crops for mass harvesting which in turn feeds the near infinite hungry mouths of the Imperium. The areas not subsumed by these massive crops are the domain of the Magna-Distilleries. These monolithic structures rove their attendant crops of various bio-form barleys, hops, grains and other assorted raw materials that goes into the production of high quality alcohols that are sort after Imperium wide. There are 4 of these Magna-Distilleries on Walkers Gambit, but even with such low numbers, they are the highest concentration of Magna-Distileries on any given planet within the Imperium. These distilleries are run by the Smirinoff Oligarchy, which are then broken into 4 families (Artois, Bitte, Cuervo, Ballintaniad) who rule their own Magna-Distillerys akin to mobile city states they are. While the Smirinoff Oligarchy is bound formally to the Imperium, due to their heavy reliance on the Mechancium to keep their homes and means of prestige and wealth functioning, they are believed to have even closer bonds to the Mechanicum that would be considered entirely ‘proper’.

Campaign Reports

Battle for Magna-Distillery Omicron-38a
Omicron Ribbon.png 499.011.M31 Walkers Gambit Ongoing

As the Omega-Celia conflict waned and forces retreated or stormed forth from their respective ..→

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