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Craftworld Ixs-Riel

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The Craftworld rune of Ixs-Riel. (Mary Spence Illustration)




Craftworld Ixs-Riel




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Craftworld Ixs-Riel travels through space on a treasure hunt for lost and stolen artifacts of the fallen Eldar Empire. On its way, providing support for the Maiden worlds it comes across, and destroying the enemy forces of the Necrons. Being a splinter of the Craftworld Iybraesil, much of their culture is still the same. From their matriarchal hierarchy to their reliance on the Aspect Warriors, such as the Howling Banshees. Ixs-Riel still carries the same quest of Iybraesil, to recover lost treasures and artifacts of the ancient Aeldari empire.

After many years of travelling, following the path of Farseer Osileath, the Craftworld has found itself in the Australis Ultima Sector, searching the far flung reaches of the galaxy. An alliance was formed between Ixs-Riel and the Loyalists of the Corabie system, resulting in the Craftworld being able to successfully secure and use a webway portal, but not before dealing damage to opposing forces on the planet.

The Craftworld of Ixs-Riel has many features similar to that of the Terran turtle. Upon further inspection, it can be noted that the Craftworld in fact is based on the appearance of an armoured creature, much similar to the turtle, from the Aeldari home planet. Known for its armoured protection, and for scavenging and foraging for food, much like the people of Ixs-Riel, who search and forage for lost artifacts of their lost Empire.

Within the Craftworld, the High Council of matriarchs makes sure things are running smoothly.

Leaders and Heroes

Osileath- High Farseer of Ixs-Riel, and the one to start the splinter from Iybraesil.

Irlitara- Member of the Craftworld High Council.

Aesmirith- Member of the Craftworld High Council.

Derariel- Exarch of the Screaming Storm (Grechbaharr) shrine. Most often the Autarch of the host.

Combat Reports for X-ELDAR-3249


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